Domestic bliss

This has to be the first occasion I can recall when I’ve tried to rework my working schedule to spend as much time as possible at the desk, so that in between spurts of work I can catch up with action at the Gangotri Glades [Would a snap poll indicate that is the best name for a cricket ground in India? Or would it lose by a short head to the Eden Gardens?].

Day 1, even from the glimpses I got of live action and from post match highlights, was fascinating — disciplined bowling [for the most part, though Karnataka seemed to drift a touch just when it had the opposition on the rack], some brilliant catching, a gritty lower order batting effort, and just a soupcon of controversy to spice things up. [I still don’t get why Bombay, confronted with this wicket, didn’t chose to let its seamers have their say]

Day 2 promises to be a grimly attritional battle, waged on conditions that continue to help bowlers — there is nice springy bounce, movement for those who can get the seam straight, and just a shade of movement in the air as well — all that against a young batting lineup in a cup final. Bliss. Enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Domestic bliss

  1. Eden Gardens by half a body length. With Feroze Shah Kotla coming in a close third, mostly due to the old-Delhi charm evocative of the name….

    And is this the only rating scale where the Kotla has a chance of a nomination in the ‘best’ category?

  2. Gangotri Glades, sure has a nice ring to it, but can’t beat DY Patil for a name, if only they had expanded the initials. :p

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