Ranji update

Finally, one gritty, battling partnership between two players prepared to showcase skill and temperament, and to work for their runs as opposed to getting them gift-wrapped. Made for a totally fascinating afternoon/evening session — hopefully, prelude to more of the same tomorrow.

Talking of tomorrow, here’s where I go off the map again — the packers will be delivering my Bombay home, all nicely crated, to my new address tomorrow morning, and that’s going to take up my time, full time. Back here the day after. Be well all.


9 thoughts on “Ranji update

  1. I know I am jumping the gun a bit..However, get Pandey in Yuvraj’s place for the test team. He’s clearly a special talent.

  2. Are there highlights anywhere on the web? I couldn’t find. It would be nice to watch some of these bowlers in action on a seaming pitch like this one. This being the final of India’s premier domestic contest BCCI would have better off providing free links or highlights

  3. Hi with you writing talent and cricketing insight, you are wasting time commenting on this and ignoring the SA-Eng or the Aussie tours. That is what we would like to see you write about, and that is how you could make some of these ODI junkies become more aware of what is happening in Tests around the world.

    • Actually, I wish like heck I had been able to see those games. Just my luck that they coincided with my move to Bangalore, settling down here at work, finding a new home, and all the rest of it 😦 One of the bigger misses of recent memory, but a friend has kindly offered to send me DVDs of the Aus-Pak games, which he apparently has recorded, so that’s something.

      • Prem,
        The Aus -pak match was good.It reminded of Indian team of yore-the last innings crumble,The South African/England match was interesting as well-I enjoyed Steyn Bowling.these two games for real cricket fans.Enjoy them on the DVD

  4. Looks like the domestic pitches are a bowler’s paradise, as opposed to the intl ones, where batsmen rule !!!

  5. prem,

    What do you make of A Nayar? he was selected but never really got a chance. Have seen him briefly in his IPL stints and felt that he makes most of his available talent. Not a beautiful player but an effective one. Still remember the way he had taken Flintoff apart in the first IPL 2 match.

    • I liked what I saw of him this evening. Not really a flair player, but seemed to have the game to grit it out against probing bowling on a testing track, and I noticed he seems to have his game organized on fairly tight lines. Has potential — I’d suppose it is now up to him to make a compelling case, given the number of young players coming through the ranks

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