Outsourcing the World Cup?

The Firozeshah Kotla had its problems recently; now it is the turn of the Wankhede.

The renovation and modernisation work at the Wankhede Stadium has run into a legal wrangle, which could make the venue miss the deadline for the 2011 World Cup. The ground is scheduled to host the final of the event, along with two league matches but its south-eastern section of the venue that reportedly violates environmental and safety norms.

Pakistan has already missed its chance to host the World Cup, thanks to its “strategic weapon” — to wit, terrorism — going out of control. What fun if leading India centers miss out on the chance, thanks to its usual problem: inefficiency.

Oh, but that is anticipating the future — this year, we have the Commonwealth Games to cringe about.


2 thoughts on “Outsourcing the World Cup?

  1. What’s new? BCCI owns the ICC. Notice how Delhi is escaping any punishment? I would hardly be surprised if Wankhede and any other stadium in India facing a similar situation will also go scot free.

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