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Not that I’ve settled down sufficiently, yet, to find too much time for quality browsing, but still…

Two must read articles on writing: the first by William Zinser, is the transcript of a talk he gave to incoming international students at Columbia University. For those new to the name, Zinser is a one time feature writer who took to teaching the art and craft of journalism, and whose book On Writing Well is a must-have on the bookshelf of any journo, or indeed anyone who wants to write with clarity and precision.

The second, which I discovered via @zigzackly through @amitvarma on Twitter, s this piece in The Atlantic on the art of writing short.

Amit also generously provides the wtf news of this or any other day this week: A Bhopal politician has ‘warned’ shopkeepers in his fiefdom against the display of lingerie in their shop windows. Mannequins, he mandates, must be demurely clad in saris at all times.

If the customer wants underthings, it is presumably okay to raise the sari –discreetly, and with a chaperone present — to display those wares. Seriously, when did we convert our political system into an assembly line for the manufacture of idiots? More to the point, what impression does this politico have of those who elected him, that he believes such a ukase is necessary?


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  1. i just read TOI home page, main story is according NGO survey only 40ish% of our kids in grade 1 (mind you ONE) can read CAPITAL abcd So in near future we are going to lose one strong point over china, our english is better than chinese.

    I mean comoon grade ONE students. I live here in western country and about one third population dont damn care about english.
    talk about burden on kidz…..u better read otherwise we gonna lose to china.

    have a good weekend..

  2. Chandrasekhar, or anybody from this Sanskriti Bachao Manch will never figure in any elections. These are hoodlums, who will disappear with the present government, either into oblivion or into jails. However the malaise will reappear in other government under some other name, some other excuse. These are simply policing issues, related to bad governance.

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