XI has a new king

Tom Moody has no problems with Yuvraj. He wants Yuvraj’s batting to come to the fore. The team wants Yuvraj to concentrate on his batting. The management at Kings XI wants Yuvraj to, well, step aside.

Long story short, Yuvraj is no longer captain of Kings XI; Kumar Sangakkara will play that role in the third edition of IPL.

In other words, the Kings XI management has made de jure what was hitherto de facto — it is no secret that throughout the second edition, Sangakkara acted as captain, with ex officio help from Mahela Jayawardene, while Yuvraj Singh chewed gum in the outfield.

Not all that long ago, Yuvraj was being spoken of as a potential to wear the captain’s armband at the national level. Sic transit gloria, and all that.


8 thoughts on “XI has a new king

  1. Remember when Yuvraj was overlooked for the captaincy in favor of Dhoni in ODIs and T20s for a start, Yograj Singh crying hoarse and threatening that his son would pull out from playing… Wonder what he has to say now!!!

  2. Maybe he has given up on those aspirations after seeing the likes of MSD and Sehwag get ahead.Sehwag has given up on favour on Gambhir for the daredevils.
    On Sehwag as a captain he seemed to do far better than MSD in the Sri lanka Series ,when MSD sat out.
    MSD as a captain has now notched up a fair bit of losses in ODIs and T20s,we lost a series against Aussies which we should have won ,the T20 WC where we were out of sorts and now the meaningless triseries final.With another captain it would have been his head by now,either we don’t have a replacement or MSD still is in his Honeymoon as a captain.

    • @Mahesh
      So you want to make Sehwag as captain when clearly he doesn’t want to do the job (He has made his opinion quite clear by his actions and words as well) !

      and the Australia series was not his fault but the batsman’s inability to close out matches ( Mohali and Hyderabad) and countering seaming conditions ( Gauhati ) and same is the case with the tri-series final. You conveniently seem to forget the plethora of bilateral series we have won under his captaincy and that is the reason we are no 2 in the ODi rankings. I agree that we haven’t performed well in ICC events of late ( are we becoming the new South Africa? ). The fact is that we don’t have any other Captain who is half as good as him.

      @ Prem: Yuvraj was vice-captain of the team in the shorter formats of the game but now that has been given to Sehwag ( in the tri-series ).
      and you forgot the constant shouting at other players along with the gum chewing 🙂

      • Aditya,I never made a case for or against Sehwag as a captain.and on your point of the losses pointing to the batsmen failure,maybe you should add the dew ,the early start,the toss,the bowlers being pathetic and fielding substandard,these are the recent causes being touted when India loses,it’s never the captaincy or tat the opposing team was better.These are ll forgotten when India wins- we say MSD takes us to number 1 and in yur case it’s number 2 in ODIs.
        Seems we need to learn to live with different standards-one when we win (MSD’s captaincy) and one when we lose((All other than captaincy).And on nobody to repace MSD as a captain-cometh the hour comeththe man!

        • Mahesh, You are right on that front that the Media never blame MSD for the losses and always give credit for the wins.It has come to a situation where MSD can do no wrong !
          I personally hate his reluctance to take brave decisions like he took at the start of his stint like dropping Dravid and Ganguly. Would be happy if he can do the same to Harbhajan and Sending Jadeja ahead of Yuvraj type decisions are very quickly forgotten by the Media and he never likes to delay the bowling powerplay these days by spreading the field when Dilshan or others are bashing away.The list goes on.. He isn’t a great captain but a good one and we don’t have anyone to replace him with.

          • Aditya,with the amount of cricket being played by MSD (all 3 formats) It is better we have a successor in place as he will sit out quite a few matches due to injury or “personal ” commitments ,like he sat out the Srilanka series two years back and the injuries yesterday and in NZ.
            Anyways if the batsmen and bowlers put a decent performance you don’t need a captain.
            I would strongly make a case for Harbhajan ,Gambhir , Sehawag,Zaks playing in 2/3 formats of the game.MSD should also restrict the number of games as he has the added toll of wicket keeping.This would also allow a number of players to be tried and we would have replacements at hand.

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