Oops, here I go again…

Sorry, folks — as part of the ‘integrating into new workplace’ gig, am off on some essential travels, starting now. Among other things, this puts me in Dubai between the 20th and 25th, both days inclusive.

Blogging suspended for the duration – my schedule is way too cramped to even check mails let alone blog. Will resume when I am back. Be well, you guys — and here’s to this stop-start game coming alive.


4 thoughts on “Oops, here I go again…

  1. I saw this clip on zee news and it was funny,while the video was more about Bhajji bowling to Dravid and Sachin guiding Bhajji -the headlines and commentary was Sachin mentors Dravid.
    It could be a fact that Dravid has approached Sachin to help him out,but to me it looked Sachin was helping Bhajji find his rhytym back.

  2. pr3m, I am sure you are a complete loser for whom nothing matters. Possibly addicted to dope and liquor 🙂
    I am not sure which country you are from (most likely Pakistan?). But for many people (not just Indians), getting a high profile job and getting recognition in that job (not every Tom, Dick and Harry will be sent overseas by companies), is something to feel proud about.

    • Veeresh, i doubt many dudes called Prem live in Pakistan. I’m from Mumbai, to end that debate.

      and i still don’t get why Dubai was mentioned here. he didn’t say why he was going, just that it was on company work. woohoo? he could have just said i’m off, work beckons or whatever he usually said.

      i’m addicted to dope and liquor cos i questioned the reason for Dubai being mentioned?

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