SRK for foreign minister

So hey, CNN/IBN is ecstatic.

Largely through the channel’s fearless reporting [at least that is the impression the tone and tenor of the coverage conveys], aided by Shah Rukh Khan’s equally fearless ‘speaking out’ in a series of non-sequiturs, India has narrowly avoided a potential catastrophe of cataclysmic proportions.

In other words, Abdul Razzak will likely play in IPL-III.  Or, more accurately, the Deccan Chargers Kolkatta Knight Riders have expressed interest; Razzaq is interested in this interest, and all concerned are waiting for ‘clearance’ from the IPL, whatever that means [I thought the IPL had said there is no institutional ban on Pakistan players? So why then does Razzaq/KKR require clearance from on high?] A tangential note for Razzaq: dude, when you do come over, make sure you get your payment up front. Shoaib Akthar can tell you why.

But never mind the IPL’s inability to speak with one voice – larger fish are being fried. Wazir-e-Azam Syed Yousef Raza Gilani tells Barkha Dutt that it is now time for India and Pakistan to move beyond the IPL – a statement that clearly marks a breakthrough in bilateral relations.

Seriously, are we losing all sense of perspective here? In the original instance, the franchises took a practical call that having Pakistani players in their sides could lead to potential problems [no, not law and order problems so much; the problems relate more to guaranteed availability]. That got transformed into some kind of bilateral face-off, fit to rank with Kargil, and the confrontation along the LoC in the wake of the attack on Parliament, in order of importance.

Now KKR, caught up in the hype of its owner [within the space of 24 hours, SRK has said that it is sad Pakistan players are not playing, but has also said a climate needs to be created for Pakistan players to play — the second statement assumes such a climate does not currently exist, so why is he sad, again?] is trying to get one particular player to play in IPL-3 — and that is at best grist for school quiz masters on some future date, but not a ‘breakthrough’ in relations between the two countries. So please could we cease and desist?

In passing, here’s a Dawn think piece on the whole IPL fiasco:

The Pakistani players ignored at the auction were justified in feeling humiliated because they were obviously not judged on merit. A quiet withdrawal should have been a proper option — in the case of Pakistan’s official and non-official meddlers too. Instead they were keen to turn the slight caused to some commercial-minded players into a matter of national disgrace.

The retaliatory measures announced by them — cancellation of the visit to India by parliamentarians and the election commissioner and calls to boycott all sports events scheduled to be held in India — made little sense. All such decisions normally advance a demand till the fulfillment of which the protest is supposed to continue. What do the angry Pakistanis want IPL or India to do to satisfy their bruised ego? They cannot be unaware of the fact that the disruption of sports ties with India, or ties in any other area, cannot be sustained forever. The Indians, too, are learning this all over again.


6 thoughts on “SRK for foreign minister

  1. Prem: “My Name is Khan” is about to be released and there’s significant business to be done in Pakistan and out of Pakistanis living outside Pakistan!

    His name is Khan and he is a good businessmaan!!

  2. Hi Prem,

    India put up the right response at the very beginning. Wonder why that was lost in the noise:

    “Foreign minister S M Krishna rebutted the charge, saying the government had nothing to do with IPL, and described Pakistans reaction as unfortunate.
    But a far tougher riposte came from the foreign ministry, which said Pakistan needs to focus on what is affecting peace in the region. Pakistan should introspect on the reasons which have put a strain on relations between India and Pakistan, and have adversely impacted on peace, stability and prosperity in the region, the ministrys statement said.”

    source here.

    • Yeah, I saw that one. And was so thankful that we avoided a nuclear holocaust last year, when the Pak government said no player from that country could play in the IPL.

      I guess Barkha and gang must have been on holiday when it happened.

      • Arre Bhai- Barkha was busy attending Mukesh’s interview,second that was a comment from Pak,as we know by now her gang wears tinted glasses.
        Secondly on Razzaq,Deccan has denied,and the PCB chief has said if he gets in writing then only he would approach his Govt,and they may not consider if it’s only 1 player-so Razzaq looks like a non starter.
        Our proposed foreign minister may get a plot for his new movies,and Prem ,your suggestion may just come true,we may have a vacancy soon -Tharoor may be tweeted out,and who better than SRK -maybe a loss to millions of fans and gain to the foot in mouth politi….

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