Dear Mr P Chidambaram

When you have a moment, do consider this:

“This is not Shah Rukh, but the Khan in him that’s saying all this. Let Shah Rukh go and stay in Lahore, Karachi or Islamabad. He is not needed in Mumbai. (Shiv Sena chief) Balasaheb has made it clear that Pakistani players wouldn’t be allowed to play in the IPL or set foot in Maharashtra,” Raut said.

Raut did not stop at that. He warned Shah Rukh not to defy the diktat of the Sena. “There will be dire consequences if Shah Rukh defies the orders of the Sena chief. Shah Rukh must think twice before speaking. This is Maharashtra and the Shiv Sena chief’s writ runs here,” he said.

As a person who has publicly, vocally, expressed his desire to see Pakistani players participate in IPL3, do you have any thoughts/comments on this?

As the Federal minister directly responsible for maintaining law and order in the country, what is your reaction to an extra-constitutional authority laying down the law on who it will and will not permit to travel/play in the country? In that same capacity, how do you react to said extra-constitutional authority threatening all and sundry with “dire consequences”?

It says in there that the Shiv Sena’s writ runs in Maharashtra. Care to tell us in what parts of India the government’s writ runs?

Appreciate a response, when you have a moment to spare.

Thank you


11 thoughts on “Dear Mr P Chidambaram

  1. Prem,
    Looks like you and most of the guys have been picking on the wrong guy-PC,when actually the shoulder has been provided by PC,the gun has been fired by MS.Now will you be as hard hitting?(On a lighter note MS requires PC to run-should make Bill Gates Happy).
    If I were Lalit Modi- i would be happy-as it gets me unwanted and wanted attention and getting more importance than due-I wouldn’t be suprised if Modi appears in the Forbes-most influential people list the way things are turning out.
    And as posted earlier by me-Pak Govt has revoked the NOC issued to its players for IPL,what I see happening is an apology from IPL and maybe the Indian govt to the Pak players and they coming back to play.(do we need this grovelling?)

    • This is disgusting
      I remember his statements when a terror suspect was caught by Australian police he said that he could not sleep,his next statement is that minorities have the first right on Indian resources and then this-

  2. This is just sena’s way of trying to once again become a strong force in Maharashtra & more specifically in Mumbai. Sena has been losing grounds to MNS for some time now and this has got Mr Thakrey worried. He first targetted Sachin which back-fired. Now he has targetted Mukesh Ambani & SRK. Lets wait n watch how it goes this time.. And as far as you are expecting PC to do anything about the whole issue… well thats really a far-fetched dream. If the Indian Govt had the spine to stand up to regional politics.. then they wud have done that long back..

  3. Prem, I don’t know why you are picking on PC here. This is classic Sena huffing and puffing about some “issue”. Now just because they said they will not let someone play, PC cannot put them in jail. Even if they try to stop the game from happening, it is a city/state issue.

    Why or how can PC take on Sena at this juncture?

  4. Its no use Prem , having lived in Bombay(Take that Raj Thackeray) for 25 years, whatever people write / say / post (including me) about how ridiculous this is, when push comes to shove, and the sena declares a bandh, we will sit at home.
    No amount of external terrorism has harmed us as much as our own people. I can’t help feeling we deserve it.

  5. Utterly disgusting and regrettable statement. Shahrukh did his best to refrain from commenting. This person shud be booked for disturbing communal harmony and openly threatening SRK of dire consequences.

  6. A toothless tiger roars…it has the capacity to leave a mark on the bum like rabid dog but not the capability to become a man-eater.
    First australia and now Shahrukh….I feel Sena, by reacting to such things it, is trying to shoot in the dark and see which one will hit the target and convert Sena to a formidable force again….I think the australia issue doesnt require any Sena intervention,,,true we all are appalled by racism and Aussies authorities to acknowledge it…but the EAM is doing a splendid job taking it up diplomatic route and a Sena type of response just doesnt differentiate Sena from the Aussie hoodlums.

    Coming to SRK, while he sounds foolish mollycoddling it certainly doesnt warrant a Sena kind of a reaction.
    I expect my Government both State as well as Central to defy such diktats and show some spine…but then I also expect my dad to leave me a pot of Gold!!!!

    BTW , why do all controversies spark off just prior to film release….do u think SRK might be calling up his Sena freinds and saying “why dont u call me dog and then I will call u monkey and let the media take it from there, btw do remeber the fridya evening drink @mannat and i promise some donation to ur depleting party fund”.

    • SRK ignited it and the Sena is pouring oil,that’s what happens in a freedom of speech nation.
      On the EAM doing a splendid job-i tend to disagree-it’s their job to be diplomatic and they have no other option.If they had been splendid -the problem would have been recognised as racial problem by now,the travel advisory would have been issued a long time back.Even some of the locals are recognising it as a racial issue.
      Australia at the Govt level has been needling India for quite some time now including the nuclear issue,sale of Uranium and much more.They could have recognised the issue as one facing the Indian community and bring the perpetrators to justice,which could have doused the issue by now.
      On the State and Central Govt taking action-ultimately comes to Courts of law-as long as they are exploited by both sides-justice will remain a distant dream
      Reminds me of what Palkhiwala said”We have a govt but no rule,a police but no law and a judiciary but no justice”

  7. Brilliantly put. And look at the nerve of the guy – saying their “writ runs here”. Mr. PC of course will look on like a by-stander. His writ only runs in newspaper interviews or while speaking to Karan Thapar. When the time comes to act, he is a “differently courageous” person (to steal from bigfatphoenix)!

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