Spin and other turns

Interesting ‘ask the expert’ feature with spin coach Terry Jenner [must read, especially if your name is Harbhajan Singh]:

In my view we should find ways of getting those young, developing spinners to play longer forms of cricket where they can bowl sustained spells. There are two ways to develop as a spinner: by going to the nets and working on your craft and bowling at targets. Or by experimenting and bowling in matches where you can try the things you tried in the nets. In limited-overs games everyone applauds a dot ball but not the batsman’s strokes. To develop as a spinner in the four-day game you have to invite the batsman to play strokes. If the mental approach of all concerned – the coach, captain and team-mates – is to keep it tight, the spinner struggles to develop. We say big bats and short boundaries have created difficulties for a spin bowler but dot-ball cricket has done more damage.


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  2. Saha playing today. Just wondering with not so illustrious first class record of Saha, would not it have been better to field an extra bowler. Is Dhoni not confident about his batting line up , or else he still doesn’t consider him a reliable bat when everybody else does so. Or has it become a mindset of the Indian think tank not to field an extra bowler. Can’t remember the last time they did so. A third spinner could have been handy for SA, in my opinion.

    • I had the same thoughts. Why not play a pace bowler instead of Saha who’s got a First Class average of 35? An extra pace bowler would have come in handy after we had SA on the mat with 2 wickets down but we had to bring in Harbhajan instead as early as the 12th over and make it easier for the batsmen.

  3. Terry is talking of ‘developing young spinners’, Harbhajan hardly fits the bill. An experienced spinner like Harbhajan should be able to adjust to playing different formats of the game without much of a problem. Pity, he doesn’t. In my opinion his stubbornness in not bowling from round the wicket is an indicator of his attitude. Some people will never learn.

    • Which does not mean that Bajji couldn’t benefit by re-learning some of the things he appears to have forgotten, mate, hence the parenthetical aside.

      • Where is the question of ‘re-learning’ when he had never learnt anything since making his debut? He had never learnt how to change his mental approach to the game when switching from one format to another. He had never learnt the benefits of bowling round the wicket to a right-handed batsman. He had never learnt how to bowl effectively with the Kookabarra or the Duke ball. He is probably the laziest cricketer to play for India…err…sorry, that has to be Yuvraj but Harbhajan would come close.

      • Why do you think Bhajji is getting such a long stint in test matches without anyone replacing him? He has not been able to take wickets in any format (in a convincing manner) in the last 2 years – probably against Sri Lanka is an exception.

        Is it the fact that he is close to MSD?

        Why dont the selectors try anyone like an Ashwin?

    • He should be thrown out of his comfort zone. That’s the only way forward. Yes, the spin cupboard is bare. But, that doesn’t mean he feels he’s an automatic selection.

      • Ha! Easy for you (Jil & others) to say- lets drop Harby (who statistically anyway IS the best spinner over 1 & 2 years, before Bangladesh tests .. on par with Johnson!!! … part of the best ever India test team!!) … but look at it from Team India’s prospective. They don’t want to become a second-rate team on account of promoting spinners with no distinction or class to play the longer version. “The spin cupboard is bare” – if true – is a sad indictment on India’s coaching & selection, and more reason that Jenner’s message is taken seriously by the people in charge.

        What can be made out of comments posted is simply: there is a lot of useless advice offered and rightly rejected by Harby. Jai Hind.

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