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My admiration for my good friend Sreenath Sreenivasan, Dean of Student Affairs and Professor at the Columbia Journalism School, is unstinted. And it largely owes to the immense dedication he brings not just to his work but to his self-appointed mission of being the chronicler-in-chief of all things desi in the United States and beyond.

Here’s Sree’s latest find.

Good job with that disclaimer: “I told my wife when we were married 10+ years ago, anything you find on my computer, that’s research.” Good job, cos said wife — Roopa Unnikrishnan — has to her credit a gold medal at the 1998 Commonwealth Games, and silver at the 1998 World Shooting Grand Prix, among a host of other awards.

In shooting.

And don’t let the subject matter of her blog fool you — Roopa still has that look in her eye.

Meanwhile, the good folks at Sepia Mutiny have more on Sonia Dara, swimsuits and such.


4 thoughts on “Chick pics

  1. Hey, Prem. Nice blog – fun to see all that you span in your blog. It’s funny, I got here because I was startled at the analytics showing the 800 new viewers of my on Feb 8th…boy, your blog results in some click-throughs!

    So, today I was helping K polish his fencing foil, and we landed up chatting about how I would clean my rifle…fun mom-son moment…and yes, that light is still in my eye

    Best wishes from NYC!

    • Roops!!!!

      Yeah, was having fun with Sree’s post, and figured I’d rope you and that rifle of yours in. 🙂

      Those 800 new viewers? Have you considered the possibility that there could have been a sudden surge of interest in cuisine? *grin*

      Wait a minute, the boy is into fencing? What is D into that you are not telling me? The Sreenivasans are proving to be the kind of family you always want to be on the good side of. 🙂

      See you in NYC, sometime. Best to the kids, and to Sree.

  2. Sorry, totally unrelated you’re above post but S. Raina selection was surprising. India missed a left hander in the first test but SR is not a solution, they will take him out with short pitched bowling if he gets a look. I thought Shikar Dewan would have been a better choice. What about A.Nayar ? never seen him bat .

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