The swing of things

Just to show that there can be — occasionally — compelling reading beyond Tendulkar, here is Aakash Chopra with the latest in his series on cricket from a player’s perspective. And fittingly in light of recent events, it is on the art of playing swing bowling. It is tempting to clip from it, but the piece deserves to be read in its entirety.

Can’t wait for this series to come out as a book, incidentally.


3 thoughts on “The swing of things

  1. Very informative article. I hope Aakash Chopra comes to the commentary box to rid us of the goons currently there. The only thing I found slightly complain-worthy in an otherwise excellent write-up was this –
    “Then there are bowlers like Shaun Pollock and Praveen Kumar,”
    I kind of got what he was trying to say, but just seeing the two names together made me, well, ahem, smirk. 😀

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