An announcement, and an invitation

Dear all:

The promised announcement — somewhat delayed, thanks to considerable travel.

Starting tomorrow, we are planning to launch a live cricket chat on Yahoo — for an hour each day of the five working days, 4-5 PM IST.

First up, this is not an entirely IPL-centric exercise. The idea is to have the show throughout the year, as a sort of daily water cooler conversation with cricket fans.

Second, while I’ll be hosting most of the shows in the initial phase, the idea is to move over time to a model where there is a different host every day of the week — picking the right hosts for each day is an exercise we are currently engaged in.

More details when we meet on the chat, tomorrow — Wednesday March 17, 4 PM IST.

Oh, and — the link to the chat will appear on the Yahoo front page about 15 minutes before start, but you will also find it on my Twitter stream and on the Yahoo News Twitter stream.

Bring your thoughts — and I’ll see you there.