An announcement, and an invitation

Dear all:

The promised announcement — somewhat delayed, thanks to considerable travel.

Starting tomorrow, we are planning to launch a live cricket chat on Yahoo — for an hour each day of the five working days, 4-5 PM IST.

First up, this is not an entirely IPL-centric exercise. The idea is to have the show throughout the year, as a sort of daily water cooler conversation with cricket fans.

Second, while I’ll be hosting most of the shows in the initial phase, the idea is to move over time to a model where there is a different host every day of the week — picking the right hosts for each day is an exercise we are currently engaged in.

More details when we meet on the chat, tomorrow — Wednesday March 17, 4 PM IST.

Oh, and — the link to the chat will appear on the Yahoo front page about 15 minutes before start, but you will also find it on my Twitter stream and on the Yahoo News Twitter stream.

Bring your thoughts — and I’ll see you there.


11 thoughts on “An announcement, and an invitation

  1. Good luck Prem- I will try to join when I can. You probably don’t remember but I was right there with ruchir, kban etc on the blog when you were in US.

    Good luck !!

  2. Would a recording of these chats be available on yahoo india? Interested in seeing how they come along as live participation is ruled out (timing wouldn’t work for me given the time difference between US/India).

    Btw, a daily chat might be an overkill once IPL is done or if India is not playing. Maybe a weekly format could be better? I know it’s too early to offer suggestions when it hasn’t even been launched or tested, but thought I would throw it out there anyway.

    • This is text chat, and playback is available and will be linked. I’d thought about the down time, have some ideas, let’s see. Want to get this thing rolling first — likely be a few glitches, so ironing them out primary focus, will then start upgrading.

  3. Wish you all the luck on the new venture . Being in US central time count me out though.

    Also I hope the discussion do not as they normally do tilt towards selection issues and which in turn end up in inter-regional fist fights.

    • We figured, that is when people in India have finished a lot of work and can take an hour long breather 🙂

  4. Good for us but a lot of workload for prem.

    Also, byebye productivity in my office for 1 hour. Good initiative though.

  5. Prem,

    This is a good initiative. Knowing your popularity, the stream will be flooded by the rush of people trying to chat with you. How do you plan to tackle this?


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