Urgent update re live chat

Dear all:

A bit of an internal rejig — the guys here figure 4-5 is not optimal timing since it tends to clash with the start of the IPL game.

The live chat timings rewired, therefore, to 3.30-4.30 – that is Monday to Friday, all days.

This timing will stay in force for the duration of the IPL. When it gets to the semifinals and finals, we will go live during the match itself. And once the IPL is over, we will rework the daily show timings to suit Indian cricket fans, and also those at least on the East Coast of the US, who have written in saying 4-5 is a bit too early for them to log in. More on revised timings later, for now, it is 3.30-4.30 PM IST, Monday to Friday — and the links will surface on the Yahoo front page, cricket page, and on the Twitter streams as indicated in yesterday’s post.

Thanks, all