Questions for tomorrow

Commenting on the previous post, Anita Lobo suggested that a way to keep these live chats focused is to invite questions ahead of time.

So, here goes. Since it’s a little late in the day to do this for today’s chat [it goes live in about 40 minutes, and I’ve got some backroom stuff to do before turning it on live], let’s make a start with tomorrow’s chat:

Ask a question.

Suggest a theme.

Throw up links to stories you would like to see discussed.

Post thoughts of your own, that you would like to see surfaced and responded to during the chat.

In the comments field, guys — go for it. Keep in mind that this is for the live chat tomorrow [Friday 19th]; 3.30pm-4.30 pm].

Oh, and in passing — take a cue from Anita; if you can think of ways to improve this chat thing, appreciate the advice/tips. Much.

Live chat update

Sorry for the prolonged radio silence, but there’s way too much on the to-do list just now, hence.

A shout out to those of you guys who could make it to the live chat yesterday. Yeah, it’s meant to be a daily — okay, five working days a week — show; today’s show goes live at 3.30 pm IST, and the link is here.

See you guys on there. And hopefully, once this particular rush ends by late Wednesday evening, more regularly on here as well.