Questions for tomorrow

Commenting on the previous post, Anita Lobo suggested that a way to keep these live chats focused is to invite questions ahead of time.

So, here goes. Since it’s a little late in the day to do this for today’s chat [it goes live in about 40 minutes, and I’ve got some backroom stuff to do before turning it on live], let’s make a start with tomorrow’s chat:

Ask a question.

Suggest a theme.

Throw up links to stories you would like to see discussed.

Post thoughts of your own, that you would like to see surfaced and responded to during the chat.

In the comments field, guys — go for it. Keep in mind that this is for the live chat tomorrow [Friday 19th]; 3.30pm-4.30 pm].

Oh, and in passing — take a cue from Anita; if you can think of ways to improve this chat thing, appreciate the advice/tips. Much.


33 thoughts on “Questions for tomorrow

  1. In Sports like NBA, NFL, and Baseball there is a good importance given to Errors/mistakes (e.g: Turnovers) committed. But in cricket since there are so many plays happening, we don’t give much importance to an error. I think errors is kind of very important and it’s best if we can start capturing this too. (Not easy). Something for cricinfo to give a thought.

  2. @prem: Can you comment on composition of t20 world cup squad for India and people to keep an eye on after the initial set of matches
    @akash: Anil has photography as his passion… RD reads a lot..what hobbies do other indian cricketers have?

  3. Question for Aakash Chopra: You were involved in two epochal series – India-Pakistan and India-Australia in 2003-04. Will you ever write about it? Have you considered co-writing it with someone like Prem Panicker or Harsha Bhogle to get an inside-outside perspective of the series…before it fades from our memories with the retirements of the stalwarts who made those events possible?

  4. Hi. First off the chat is a cool initiative, wish you all the best to that. I am visiting Yahoo after years just for this.

    I have a question regarding the “strategic break” in IPL. (1) What is “strategic” about the break? Is there any evidence that teams are able to strategize better or fine-tune their strategies better because of the break or is just some more time for the ad-man and money to BCCI? (2) There has been a report in ToI stating that there might be ad-breaks in between the 6-balls of an over too! Is ti possible that in the near future we might see scenarios like “This over is sponsored by xyz” followed by 6 xyz’s ads in an over?

    • I’ll let Aakash take this during the chat, but my two cents: Did you see the game yesterday? RCB needed to get some 10 runs in 11 overs or so when there was a strategic break! Seriously, what the fuck strategy can either the bowling or batting sides discuss at that stage in the game?

      It is a blatant way to build in more ad breaks [also note that in the first five games, three different captains never used the breaks at all — which tells you that they don’t see any reason to have it]. So yeah, this is purely for ads.

      As to the second scenario, I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens. In fact, I hope Modi and his folks don’t read this — might put ideas in their heads. 😦

      • Prem, thanks for taking up the question in today’s chat. I had to miss it due to several piled up personal errands and a power cut 😦

        Also, I certainly don’t want to put such ideas into their already-fertile minds 🙂

  5. In the last T20 WC heroes of the IPL were seen struggling against short pitched balls. This time it is a good sign that captains are picking fast bowlers and making them use short balls… It’s a good test for some of the exciting talents to check how they shape up against genuine fast bowling. So this year’s IPL should be a good preparation for T20 WC.Can’t wait to watch RCB v/s MI match ..that would be a real talent test.

    • Do keep in mind that last season was played in SA, where the pitches, even at the fag end of the season, tend to have a bit more bounce. Here, thus far there have been very few pitches of that kind — so not too sure how good this prep is going to be for the WC. But at the least, the players will go into the WC having played some intense T20 stuff, not like they won’t have appropriate practice.

      • In the last IPL in SA bouncers were not used against Indian players.So in the T20 WC they were sitting ducks. There is bounce in Bangalore, Kolkatta,, Mumbai pitches. So it’s up to the bowlers now to use it (I will be really disappointed if they don’t) knowing weakness of most of the batsmen. That’s a good contest..Indian batsmen have to develop skills to play the short pitched balls and that augurs well for the future.

  6. How can i see the archives? i only see a black screen all the time.
    can anybody help me here?

    am i missing something on my browser? i tried both on FF and IE.

  7. Along similar lines to what Chintan said, what about Hussey’s comment about sledging Michael Clarke about his personal life being off-limits? Weren’t these the same aussies that ribbed Ganguly about his alleged affair with Nagma. So when it comes to their team, everything is Kosher?

  8. Should it be only text based? how about audio/video chat options? Most folks have a broadband connection these days and this should not be an issue.

    But then, 3:30 pm is so impossible for people like me who are at work. A later slot in the evening should help.

    • It will not remain text based, mate. We are working on some stuff to incorporate live video and all the rest of it.

      Might be a while before we switch those on, though. Right now, our focus is on getting this right — there are some bugs in the system, at both the Cover It Live end and ours, that we are ironing out. Also, to do this right the host of the day needs to be able to prepare for the show — and since we’ve just begun, those are things we have to work into our schedules. To start something complicated might be a bit much at this point — so our thought is to first spend a month getting the basics right, get to where we are seamlessly doing all the basic stuff, and once we get there, to start incrementally adding features to this.

  9. Two cents on Yorker:

    I know this must be very difficult, but is there any way the speed of the comments/replies appearing in the chat window could be upped?

    What was happening today was that I initially logged in, typed in a few comments, and was waiting for quite a long while for anything in the main chat window to appear (either my comments or others or replies by you or Aakash).

    If something is constantly appearing on the chat window, it’ll help people be more engaged even if their own comments don’t appear.

    • The speed, unfortunately, is not in our control, Saurabh. There were line speed issues yesterday — in fact, I had major problems just seeing the comments, so everything kind of slowed down.

      We are completely on board about the need to have more comments surfacing, and doing it faster. One of the solutions is to have back ups to the main host — while the host is commenting, someone else scanning the comments and surfacing appropriate ones. That involves tweaking the producer’s platform to permit multi-party hosting, which is one of the things we are working on now.

      From our point of view, we had two ways to go: one was to work behind the scenes till every single thing was nailed down. The other was to launch, basic-style, listen to feedback and then work on those things folks wanted. We chose the second option, so what you see now is a rudimentary wire frame that we will keep building on behind the scenes, to get where we do live streaming, videos, and all the rest of it.

  10. Prem, my two cents on Yorker..

    * Time seems to be short – but its true put 4 cricket minded guys together and we can talk to eternity on cricket .

    * On Match days can we dedicate more time on the match on hand ?? On off days we can dedicate more time on ..more Generic Topics.

    * Year long exercise so sure nobody can make it everyday it would be good if we know the topic quiet early ..can login based on the thoughts and info we got ..

    – Satish

    • Good thoughts. To respond in serial:

      1. Over time, we hope to expand this to an hour and a half a day, but any more than that and I suspect fatigue will set in at both ends.

      2. Every day is a match day, pretty much 🙂 We’d rather keep this free flowing, at least for now, and see how to refine the structure as we go along.

      3. This *is* a year long exercise, not confined only to the IPL or a specific period. The topic, however, could be counter productive if pre-fixed. We’re hoping to have freewheeling conversations. That said, sometimes the events of the day will likely automatically take over, and provoke down deep discussions.

  11. Prem,

    In terms of feedback, it will be better to make it more of a two-way discussion particularly when there is one person answering (as it was today after Akash left midway). You did talk about it but it is not really so when most of the comments aren’t even displayed.


    • Like I said, there were some line speed issues yesterday so things got a bit out of hand.

      The idea is that each day there is one host, who does most of the talking/responding. But since it is early days and all of us need to get familiar with the system quickly, we are using the live shows to play around with the tools, so there is therefore more than one of us talking at a time.

      Give it another week — by the first week of April, the structure will refine itself; on days when I am hosting, I’ll be the one doing most of the talking/responding, and so on; the others will come in only as needed. Same with the other hosts.

  12. Prem,

    I posted the following questions in today’s chat and none of them were displayed or answered. Here I go again.

    I feel that RR’s current state is Karmic payback for the lousy way they treated Ravindra Jadeja. It seems to be a case of the RR owners taking advantage of their closeness to Modi. What do you folks think? Isn’t Jadeja’s absence hurting them big time more than anything else (even though none of the experts are talking about it)? How can the team do well when they don’t spend money on foreign players and screw some of their Indian players like Jadeja and Kaif?

    What do you folks think of the way Hyderabad was cheated out of games this time? Any idea what happened to the Deccan Charges lawsuit? It is interesting that Hyderabad’s games were shifted to Pawar’s Mumbai which was at that time threatened by Sena threats and to Shashank’s Nagpur. Have all the experts/pundits sold their souls that they are not talking about it?

    Isn’t Yusuf Pathan and his century overrated? He seems to do well only against average bowling in flat tracks. Most of the runs in his century came against Mortaza, Sathish and another obscure bowler. It helps that he comes in the middle overs when the best pace bowlers aren’t bowling.

    • Sorry, mate — there were at last count 1158 questions posted, in the span of that one hour, on a day of slow line speeds. 😦 Got impossible to even read through them all, and bugs in the system that slowed us down didn’t help [actually, some comments surfaced on our screen after the show had ended!].

      We’ll get better, going forward.

      About your questions, I am not sure RR is hurting only because of Jadeja, though as I remember commenting on this blog, banning him was bloody daft. RR wasn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier to start with — their season one win was a guerilla operation that took a lot of opponents by surprise, but the team itself is easily the weakest in the bunch, and it doesn’t help that Warne’s skills are deteriorating by the year.

      Add to that the loss of Smith and Dimitri; Watson’s injury and late arrival, and you just don’t have game changers in that line up. With due respect to the bloke, Jadeja isn’t a game changer.

      The Hyderabad question was, as I recall, discussed in some depth on this blog and other platforms, so I guess that is why the radio silence on that. Of course it is stupid to move games from Hyd on the grounds of Telengana restiveness, to Mumbai where the Shiv Sena was going nuts.

      To say it helps Pathan to come in the middle overs is unfair. He has a skill — and the middle overs is where it can be used best, so he is being used there. Do keep in mind that the same mediocre bowlers, on that same pitch, bowled to other batsmen too. I am not saying that innings is the best anyone has ever seen, but I *am* saying don’t write it entirely off — it takes some doing to hit so clean, so hard, and so consistently.

  13. ICC is setting a dangerous trend w.r.t not punishing players if they quickly apologize. So this means a player can say,do whatever he wants . Then he says sorry and voila, the charges are dropped or watered down.

    This is just stupid. If a player has done wrong, he should be punished.. irrespective of whether he is repentant or not. If he repeats something, the punishment goes higher.

    And the fact of racism. I think its just a couple of countries getting preferential treatment .. else Johnson should have been punished since it was Styris at the opposing end..

    • I meant to say “its a couple of countries”.. I think it is a serious issue that should be dealt by ICC

  14. Since you asked for views, here is mine – It was ridiculous to see the likes of Watson, Johnson et al get away with fines for something which has led to bans for Indians and other sub continentals. Then you get the Broad let off and you feel like causing bodily harm to anyone remotely connected with the ICC. We talk about BCCI clout. It is time we start talking about ECB/ACB clout when it comes to punishments.

    It is not about racism IMHO. It is about some nations still being given preferential treatment irrespective of their contribution to the game’s health.

  15. The Broad let off has to be discussed. Even Harsha Bhogle expressed his unhappiness.
    You could go with a “cricketlaws for dummies and how to fudge them” theme.

    Unfortunately, I cannot be a part of the chat due to work. Any chance of doing such a thing in the evening in the future?

    • The current timing is to make sure I’m not live when IPL is on [though I’ll be live for the semis and finals]. Once this darn tournament gets over, we plan to change the timings — hopefully make it 5-6, or 5.30-6.30. No timing is going to work for everyone, but what I’ll do is try and ping folks here and on Twitter and see what the consensus is, and if we can accommodate it. Personally, I am fine with any timing, but going forward there will be other hosts as well [Aakash Chopra from next Friday, for instance], so this will take some working out.

    • Cool, will do. How about you post your thoughts on here — the details and why you think it is a bummer? Rather than speechifying all the time, I’d ideally love for this to be about you guys, with me chipping in where I have something to add.

      Which is one way of getting you guys to do some work while I goof off, in case you hadn’t thought of that. 🙂 No, seriously — post your thoughts, will surface it on the chat tomorrow.

      Also, while I’ll quote you with the name you are using here, if there is a Twitter handle or blog you want to be linked to, put that in here as well, please.

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