Travel plans, live chat, etc

Right, so here I go again. This time to Delhi, Sunday late afternoon thru Wednesday evening, for a fairly intense series of meetings with Yahoo top management and visitors from abroad.

First outcome, I won’t be hosting the shows on those three days of next week — but the live shows will continue, with other hosts, so stay tuned in. The links and start time prompts will appear on etc, so you can catch the updates there [it would be fairly infra dig for me to be sitting in a conference and tweeting links and stuff, so… follow the official stream, please, guys, for all news related to the chat].

Second, thanks for the comments/questions on yesterday’s post — answered some of them inline, and other topics left untouched will materialize during today’s show, which as usual is 3.30 pm-4.30 pm at the usual place — links on, and on the Yahoo Twitter stream as well.

Oh, and today, Aakash Chopra — who has been popping in and out the first two days — debuts as the host of the show. Here on, he will be doing one show a week, mostly on Fridays. Be there 🙂