Travel plans, live chat, etc

Right, so here I go again. This time to Delhi, Sunday late afternoon thru Wednesday evening, for a fairly intense series of meetings with Yahoo top management and visitors from abroad.

First outcome, I won’t be hosting the shows on those three days of next week — but the live shows will continue, with other hosts, so stay tuned in. The links and start time prompts will appear on etc, so you can catch the updates there [it would be fairly infra dig for me to be sitting in a conference and tweeting links and stuff, so… follow the official stream, please, guys, for all news related to the chat].

Second, thanks for the comments/questions on yesterday’s post — answered some of them inline, and other topics left untouched will materialize during today’s show, which as usual is 3.30 pm-4.30 pm at the usual place — links on, and on the Yahoo Twitter stream as well.

Oh, and today, Aakash Chopra — who has been popping in and out the first two days — debuts as the host of the show. Here on, he will be doing one show a week, mostly on Fridays. Be there 🙂


21 thoughts on “Travel plans, live chat, etc

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  3. Quality of umpiring in this IPL is poor. .they should consider the review system. I think the review system during Aus-Pak series was a success. Since there was only limited reviews a team could request it also brought some extra interest to the game.

    The money involved in the IPL is high, Players are ready to injure themselves for money..For some personal & corporate images are at stake, In between we know that Captains can lose the game if they want by their batting or team selection…next thing we will hear is that umpires can be influenced! .over.

    • …Continued .one of the partners of the Kochi IPL Team ( which I am sure will be a flop) contacted someone we know to come up with a team for IPL4. We wanted to know whom he will sign up as captain. Reply – Shakib ..Ho ..Ho…One cricket journalist suggested him that choice | do not know who? must be Binoy. Sir..If you have $330 million why do you want to build another Bangladesh team? Withdraw your application and forgo the deposit. If you still want the thrill of IPL and want to dance with the stars -bid for one of the existing teams..Someone must be ready to sell for much lower than $330 million.

      • Shakib..:-)) looking forward to Kochi IPL team, especially with “economic” Sreesanth raring to go for the home team…

        hope better sense prevails….

  4. With the kind of form he is in these days, it’ll be a tactical mistake not to take Sachin to T20 World cup.. What do you think ?

    • dont know if sachin will be ready to participate….because he has already said in public that it was his decision to back away from Indian T20 team to give youngsters a chance…my guess is that he is a proud man who doesnt want his words to become meaningless…:-))

      • In IPL 3 so far, Mumbai and Bangalore have separated themselves from the rest of the teams.. They could potentially meet in finals and Sachin could win the season for his team..

        He is a proud man and he’s not going to change his stance on his own.. That’s not what I’m suggesting.. Its upto MS and Srikanth to see realize what they’ll be missing and make the moves.

        I realize I’m throwing lots of hypothetical situations.. Lets revisit this question in a few weeks time 🙂 ..

  5. Looking forward to Srinivas Bhogle’s debut… Still remember the article he wrote comparing the Duckworth-Lewis method to the Jayadevan method in Rediff many years ago.
    don’t get to read much stuff from him, but whatever I do get, is always worth repeat reading! 🙂

  6. Looking forward to Srinivas Bhogle’s debut. Still remember the piece he did on Rediff comparing Duckworth-Lewis with the Jayadevan method.
    Get to read his stuff on and off from random links now – but it’s always worth a read 🙂

  7. Selfish game is back in looked like the match between KKR & RR was fixed.
    In the IPL now only 4 teams worth watching RCB,MI,CSK,DC.

  8. Prem,

    You were probably better off at Rediff with all this travel! I’m guessing that you’ll soon discover that these meetings don’t achieve much. Give a chap a mandate, and support him silently without dragging him into meetings … that would be my prescription.

    Now that you are in Bangalore, we must meet.

    And I’ll be happy to participate in — or even host — a discussion on cricket analytics: ranking schemes, performance measures, D/L … that sort of stuff.

    Other topics: the new cricket ground experience in India | how much technology in cricket? | cricket books and cricket writers | supersubs in the IPL? (allows you to sneak in another foreign player by the backdoor) | the best and worst Sidhuisms | bias in cricket commentary (I find Benaud biased) | inconsistent match referees (that threatened to become an issue yesterday itself) | what’s the best way to dismiss Ricky Ponting (or any other batsman) | tall cricketers vs short cricketers | cricket humour | mapping an IPL team to an EPL team (when I called RR ‘Portsmouth’ on Twitter, I got a certain response; if MI win three in a row I’m going to call them Man U) | cricketers on Twitter | cricket and cricketers in music and cinema …

    Now back to work!

    Srinivas Bhogle

    • Hey, chief, good to “see” you — and you’ll live another 100 years starting now, minimum.

      Believe it or not, about 15 minutes ago I pinned a note to my board with your name on it, with just that thought in mind. Let’s talk, soon as I am back from Delhi.

      About these meetings? Actually, I don’t mind so much. Okay, sometimes I do because it sets my own work back, but there is a larger point to these: I’ve just come on board, am wireframing what I think Y’s content strategy needs to be, and there are a dozen stakeholders who need to understand that, and come on board so we all work as a unit towards one common objective. That means presenting my ideas, getting feedback — sometimes, the idea might be good but not possible to execute immediately for some tech reason — then going back to the drawing board to fine tune, and so on.

      Until that exercise is completed and we have both a road map and a destination at the end of it, these meetings are worth their weight in gold.

      Will ping you soon as I am back. Ps: New phone, lost contacts. Can you email me your number, at

      Thanks a bunch.

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