‘Alex Rutherford’ returns

I hadn’t realized, at the time of writing this post [and then this], just how many of you out there are hard core historical fiction fans. The posts led to several wonderful e-mail conversations with some equally addicted readers, and produced some recommendations for which I am much indebted.

On that theme, here’s the always excellent Nilanjana Roy  [Twitter, blog] on the second book in Alex Rutherford’s Mughals series:

In their account, Humayun emerges as a man of the senses, beguiled and betrayed by his appetites, embracing opium as passionately as he embraces the women of his harem. His virtues are also his weaknesses: the compassion and forgiveness he shows his warring brothers as they plot against him will drive him into exile for years. As with the first book in the series, it’s the Prestons’ attention to detail and their intimate knowledge of the workings of the Mughal empire that makes this a satisfying, meaty read. They’re great on the battle sequences, and when they offer details such as the astrological carpet Humayun has woven when his opium-fuddled mind wants the court to be governed by the planets, they bring the period alive.

Despite the mixed review, I want. Flipkart, I notice, has run out of stock, so it is off to the bookstores this evening to hunt down a copy.


5 thoughts on “‘Alex Rutherford’ returns

  1. Hi Prem,

    You look very enthusiastic these days!! very different then couple of yearrrrrrs ago.
    being in Canada i’m missing live shows..good luck

    • Thanks, mate. Early days, ennui hasn’t had a chance to set in 🙂 Besides, I can do an hour — it is a lifetime of ball by ball I got fatigued by

  2. Did you find a copy? Been calling up stores and they all say they are expecting the book to reach them soon.
    And have you read Drood (By dan Simmons) ? Very interesting book, Charles Dickens on the trail to unveil the mystery of Edwin Drood in the streets of Victorian London & the lit circle.

    • No, struck out at all stores, so ordered on Flipkart and waiting on stock. Thanks for the recco, mate

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