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Right, so greatbong was live on Yorker today. Tomorrow, it’s just me, and Tejaswi and other in-house personnel.

Open thread, folks — post your questions, and we’ll get a jump start on the show tomorrow.

In passing, and in case you missed it, the Indian Parivar League is getting some stick from Sports Minister MS Gill.

“… the BCCI, they have a direct interest as owners of teams, as people who have a direct benefit from it [IPL] and this is something very dangerous,” Gill said. “They have also used the rules against another rival league [ICL]. But the controlling body has to be for India, for cricket for the long term. It has to be totally uninvolved.”
Bang on, Minister. So what do you think you can do about it, given that most state associations are run by politicians of various hues, and the central board is dominated by heavyweight politicians, literally and figuratively?
Here’s a suggestion: rethink BCCI’s status as a “society”; revoke the tax exemption — that is, or should be, a privilege of genuine non-profits, no? Since the BCCI and its offspring are clearly profit-making bodies, why should it be treated differently from any other corporation? Similarly, it currently gets its grounds for ridiculously low rentals, again in keeping with its non-profit status. Begin charging market rates, and pump those tax dollars and other earnings to the cause of improving the infrastructure for other sports, why don’t you?

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  1. 2 questions :

    prem what is your take on ridiculous mammoth overrate fine imposed in IPL ..

    Ganguly was really struggling at the crease yesterday…seems like Ganguly hell bent on proving a point or two …don’t you think its disadvantage team, not only does the team losses valuable period of the powerplay …also sends the wrong signal to a youngster sitting in the dugout ..what worries me more is that it deprives another youngster a place in the XI ..just hope ganguly,laxman should respectfully opt out of the IPL 4 ( I doubt there would be any takers 🙂 )

  2. “pump those tax dollars and other earnings to the cause of improving the infrastructure for other sports”

    Prem, Prem, Prem……seriously? In your thinking, a. government earmarks tax revenues from specific accounts for specific targetted programs, b. the government is able to route said “tax dollars” to the intended beneficiaries (a.k.a. other sports) without any “diversions” or reallocations and c. is able to show a correlation between government financial support and resulting performance through measurable metrics. What magical government is this, that exists nowhere on the face of this planet, and what touching faith is this that still looks to the government to solve what is essentially a socio-cultural problem. Less governmental control and interference would be the answer, IMHO, rather than the old “top down” approach – replacing Pawar and Modi with Gill or Ministry of Sports is just more of the same. Change needs to come from the ground up – School and after school programs supported by parents and teachers, leading to a strong college program, in turn leading to a pipeline into the national and international senior levels. Replacing Modi with Gill will only lead to new faces in the VIP boxes – less corporate types and more IAS types – (which may be the main reason “Yes Minister” is cribbing in the first place). Gill’s an ex-bureaucrat. You can’t take anything he says at face value. All his actions are geared towards one goal only – continued control of the IAS over everything of value in India. Not enough GOI Addl and Jt secretaries are able to get VIP passes while TV screens are full of corporate execs living it up in the expensive seats sipping beer and hobnobbing with Bollywood beauties, hence MS Gill calls for decoomercialization of Cricket.

  3. A question that I had posted but got missed on the show… would like to hear your thoughts on this prem:
    I feel the way to beat the Rajasthan Royals is by preparing pitches with life in them. they got found out against steyn and co at bangalore on a lively pitch.
    A pitch that has assistance for bowlers takes some amount of the ‘luck’ factor out of the game, since you need greater skills to survive, and I think most other teams have more skilled batsmen than RR.
    What do you think?

  4. did not the IT dept. slam a huge amount on the BCCI recently?
    Maha state loses out on rs. 300 enter. tax due to Pawar/NCP pressure.
    Bengal govt. was smart in this regard back in 2008. SRK was pleading for exemption, but no go.

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