Afridi. Again.

Wow! Seriously?!

[Thanks to Sourabh Saurabh Somani for the link]


5 thoughts on “Afridi. Again.

  1. It’s actually saurabh somani, but thanks for the credit 🙂
    p.s: ironic isn’t it, that on a day when you grow a year older, the man who is peter pan’s modern day incarnation, gets this honour!
    happy birthday!

  2. Are you sure it is not an All Fool’s day joke released 2 days in advance? Would love to know the number of votes polled and how the 20 cricketers were selected.

    On another note but quite significantly, Afridi’s age is missing from his bio. As is the case with this poll, his age continues to be a mystery; one which Shahid bhai himself cannot unravel

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