Live show open thread

I am fairly anal about preparing for live shows — not in the sense of reading up a lot of stuff, but of identifying broad themes I want to talk about and keeping the related links and such ready to hand.

Today was totally unscripted — and turned out to be fun. I’ve also been experimenting with bringing more voices onto the program — this is a round the year exercise and if it’s just me, fairly soon I’m going to be heartily sick of you guys and you of me 🙂

So — appreciate thoughts/suggestions etc. And as always, themes/questions/relevant links for tomorrow, when I am back live.


3 thoughts on “Live show open thread

  1. Don’t know how workable this suggestion is, but I’d really love it if you could get other seasoned cricket journalists to join you as hosts of the show from time to time. the names that come immediately to mind are – sharda ugra, harsha bhogle, dileep premchandran (dont know if he can though since he’s with cricinfo), rohit brijnath (i’m hoping he comes soon, since you said earlier he might), rahul bhattacharya, ashok malik…
    you will probably have a better and more comprehensive list. I for one, would love to get an opportunity to chat with the above mentioned people.

  2. Prem,

    One small suggestion. We have been talking about all the issues revolving around IPL (financial, LKM, etc). Can we for a change, talk about what positives are there (if at all)?


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