54 days. 91 games. Perfect.

I love how retired cricketers who earn their annual wage in the space of two months through the IPL can see nothing but perfection, don’t you?

10 teams — or 12, even — would have been the perfect number, if each team didn’t have to play each other quite so often.

4 thoughts on “54 days. 91 games. Perfect.

  1. Even with 10 teams, IPL honchos can keep the same number of matches as the current season (+/- 2 or 3 games) and not dilute whatever quality is left in the games. Split the teams in 2 groups. Have teams within each group play on a home/away basis + have teams from Grp A play Grp B once. The total comes out to 65 matches plus the Elimination round. Veni Vedi Vici 🙂

  2. But, for an individual player, isn’t it 18 matches (or 20 max) in 54 days. Also, with the proposal of restricting the number of matches to 14 per player, nothing much has changed for the players, right?

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