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Writing New York

While unpacking my books the other day, I stumbled on a copy of Writing New York that I had forgotten I had. On the pretext of dusting the volume, I flipped through the pages — and to the disgust of the other half, that was the end of unpacking.

That led to a lament on Twitter that there wasn’t enough good writing, let alone great anthologies, on our Indian cities.

On her blog [For me, a daily stopover], Nilanjana Roy reprises an archival post — a collection of great writing on Delhi.

Maybe it is not that good writing on Indian cities does not exist; maybe it is just that I haven’t come across the best specimens, yet. Any and all suggestions gratefully accepted, guys.

4 thoughts on “Cities, hardbound

  1. City improbable- an anthology edited jy Khushwant Singh on Delhi, Red Carpet by Lavanya Sanakran are quire nice too

  2. The following 3 , capture mumbai through the 70s to the 90s , in their own unique way:
    A fine balance by Rohinton Mistry,
    Shantaram by gregory david roberts
    Maximum City by Suketu Mehta.
    Definitely worth your while.

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