Life according to chess


Link courtesy my friend Krishashok: blog; Twitter.

Tangentially, from the archives a slice of brilliance on chess and life, from Garry Kasparov.

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  2. Interesting point about not teaching people the rules. In fact several chess grandmasters (Capablanca included) were never taught chess but told to pick it up by watching other games. In ‘Kings Gambit’ Paul Hoffmann has a wonderful few pages in which he explains how teaching someone the rules puts them in a straitjacket mode. It’s similar with mathematics too – and again Hoffmann comes to the point in ‘The Man Who Loved Only Numbers’, a biography of Paul Erdos – where he says it’s important to only teach kids the very basics, before letting them discover the other rules by themselves. Erdos also points out that most child prodigies excel in either math or chess (or both), simply because they are true fields where a few basic ideas lead to infinite possibilities.

  3. This is reproduced almost verbatim in “Six Easy Pieces”.

    That book, is something normally I present to nerdy kids around the 8th standard. “Cosmos” for the 10th leave & “Surely you are joking, Mr. Feynman” for 12th leave & “Lectures in Physisc Vol 1,2 & 3” for engineering students!

    You gotta love him!

  4. Ah.. Feynman… I quote this one to friends often… and he makes a reference about fads like organic products and such theoretical science. I think it’s in the same video.

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