Live, on Yahoo

@ 3.30 pm IST, as always, for another unscripted, free-flowing discussion.

Some fun friends you might meet there: Ramesh Srivats; Thejaswi Udupendra; Richard O’Hagan and others.

The live link, as always, on my Twitter and on YahooInNews and YahooCricket, an hour before show time.

See you guys there.

Oh, and tomorrow’s host is Aakash Chopra [Twitter, blog]. Questions for him here — or directly to him on his Twitter and blog.


3 thoughts on “Live, on Yahoo

  1. I do not follow IPL (apart from your blog and a few other articles). So a simple question: Why is Akash Chopra not playing? Is it still the “Shakespeare” allegation from last year? What’s the status of his contract with KKR?

    • Aakash is not affiliated with KKR any more. About the hows and whys, you might want to ask him directly, mate — he will be hosting the chat tomorrow.

  2. Question(s) to the experts:

    1. Do some teams hoard talent – both local and foreign – as a part of strategy or just to show off their money power?

    2. Should short-term trading of players be permitted, as a means to increase their revenue stream?

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