What does the ‘P’ in IPL stand for?

On the television screen, a runner flashes: “Meet the cheerleaders – call #xxxx @ Rs 10”.

Am I the only one who thinks this is not kosher?

Selling face time with players, perhaps — but cheerleaders?

I wonder what “Indian culture” has to say about this.


Radio silence starts now — see you back here tomorrow.


12 thoughts on “What does the ‘P’ in IPL stand for?

  1. No Prem, you are not the only one who feels this is not kosher. Rahul Bhattacharya in ‘Clean Bored by an Ad Break’ also mentions this aspect.

    Modi and Co have been given a very long rope and they are doing everything possible to hang themselves with it. In India things must cross the public outrage threshold before some order is restored.

  2. Prem: What exactly is the difference between selling face time with players and selling face time with cheerleaders?

  3. It should be changed as “Indian Pyaasi League”…. Call Me ads are no better than Sex on Phone… hope the govt. takes note, and brings down some sensibility to these stupid corporate campaigns all aimed for Money, and nothing else.

  4. Simple thought. When the attitude of the leadership is to make money by any and all means, why should BCCI having a go at the oldest profession (some say the second oldest) known to man come as a surprise? Wouldn’t even be surprised if 15% is deducted at source.

    Indian culture, family entertainment…Tchah!

  5. P stands for Paisa…. anyway they can get it…. there no limit to the lows they will sink to… mebbe when ppl call that number… the remix of Tu..tu hai wohi will play…

    • I would say P stands for Pimp. Whatelse are they doing by advertising face to face time with cheerleaders?

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