Your riot is worse than mine

For those who barfed at the wall to wall coverage of the latest “controversy” surrounding Amitabh Bachchan, a good read from the Hindu:

The party finds fault with him for representing Gujarat in the wake of 2002. But in 1984, barely weeks after the blood in the streets of Delhi had dried, the actor accepted a Congress ticket for Allahabad and got elected to Parliament. “As a brand ambassador does he endorse or condemn the mass murder in Gujarat?” Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari asked the other day, adding: “It is high time Amitabh Bachchan came out and said what his position on [the] Gujarat riots is.” Despite the party having ‘apologised’ for its role in the massacre of Sikhs following Indira Gandhi’s assassination, I doubt Mr. Tiwari or any other Congress spokesman will ever ask Mr. Bachchan what his position on the Delhi riots was or is.

But if the Congress prefers to forget the history of 1984, the BJP and its leaders act as if history ended that year. In their telling, 2002 either didn’t happen or pales in comparison with what preceded it. And so begins the sordid exercise of weighing the suffering of victims and, worse, of playing the plight of one set against another. Mention the suffering of the Muslims of Gujarat and the BJP will start talking about the plight of the Pandits, driven by terrorism from their homes in the Kashmir Valley in 1989 and 1990. Try talking about the injustice done to the Sikhs of Delhi and the Congress will insist on speaking only of Gujarat. And the minute the microphones in the studio are switched off, the politicians are quite happy to forget about the shared travails of all victims.

Elsewhere, outside of two fairly okay games yesterday, the cricket world remains quiet. Back on here later, likely with more reading matter.

3 thoughts on “Your riot is worse than mine

  1. Prem, forget whose riot is worser. Since when did models (sorry, but ‘brand ambassador’ is too much of a mouthful for me) have to take a stand on the product? Whats next? “Dear Katrina Kaif, what is your stand on the Mango farmer suicide rate in south asia?”

  2. But, why is it that the media always allows Congress to take the high moral ground while BJP is always the bad guy?

    • Because given shortness of memory, recency trumps history? It will continue until there is some other horrendous riot someplace else — at which point, Gujarat will join Delhi in the trash can of memory. 😦

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