It’s official: the Shiv Sena has lost it

Not so long ago, Shiv Sena activists egged on by their supreme leader and the party mouthpiece were urging Shah Rukh Khan to go to Pakistan, after the actor supported the participation of Pakistani players in the IPL.

It is a different matter that the odor of opportunism pervaded the whole affair. Shah Rukh, whose franchise had along with the others refrained from picking up any Pakistani players in the latest round of auctions, got considerable face time on national television thanks to his pronouncement, and managed on each occasion to bring up his about to be released film. And the Sena — which operates on the belief that even bad publicity is better than oblivion — managed to grab a few headlines, before the issue got defused.

In a measure of how irrelevant the Sena increasingly believes itself to be, it has now latched on to another promising bandwagon for a few more headlines. And this time the comments emanating from the party are mind-bogglingly WTF:

Sena objects to Sania’s marriage, says in its mouth piece, Saamna that she should marry an Indian in order to retain nationality & represent India.

“After marriage she will be going to her in-laws, how will she then play for India? It’s being irreverent to this country and its laws” said Sena.

“After marriage Sania will become a Pakistani citizen. How can she have Pakistani citizenship and play for India? Has this country become a tennis ball to Sania that she plays with it however she pleases?,” said Sena.

Sena further said that in any case chief of Pakistan Tennis Federation Dilawar Abbas has welcomed you (Sania). He has already expressed his desire to see you play for Pakistan, but if you are so keen to play for India, you ought to have chosen an Indian instead of a Pakistani as your life partner.

“Morally she (Sania) has no right to get into this wedlock in the cost or expense of another individual. On one hand, Sania Mirza stands for ‘Save the Girl Child’ campaign and on the another hand she is showing absolutely no respect, no care , no attitude for another girl, women or lady of this country” said Shiv Sena legal head Rahul Narvekar.

“Is Sania Mirza’s achievement in isolation of the nation? If nation has supported her , it is her duty to have sentiments, values and emotions for the people of this country” added Narvekar.

On Twitter, many have mocked the party for its double-speak, pointing out that it cannot in one breath continue to claim that Sonia Gandhi, despite marrying an Indian and accepting Indian citizenship, is an Italian, while also claiming that Sania loses her right to represent India just because she has married a Pakistani.

Logical argument, that — but when, in recent times, has logic permeated anything the Sena has said, and done?

17 thoughts on “It’s official: the Shiv Sena has lost it

  1. On 19th may 2010 in Nagpur the shiv sena party activists harassed the people who had been there to buy vegetables from the weekly market on wednesday. They abused the people and punctured their vehicles.

    While People who were parking their vehicles as they did usually, these party workers abused them in foul language and threatened them to not park their vehicles there.

    These party workers wanted their party’s notice board to be visible to the people visiting the weekly market. This would provide them advertisement on a large scale. They have encroached the peoples’ parking place for their notice board without paying for it to the city administration. On top of that they are threatening people in foul language to not park even near that board.

    The police constables did not interfere in this matter and were spectators to this event of public abuse. It is worth mentioning that abusing in public places using foul language is a crime in India. These party workers also punctured the vehicles of the people who accidentally parked the vehicle in front of this notice board. What kind of dictatorship is this?

    I am a maharashtrian and this political party publicises that it works in the interest of the maharashtrians. But my motorcycle was punctured by these party workers and my dad who is suffering from diabetes had to drag the vehicle with the load of vegetables for 2 kilometers distance to our house. I had to pay for repairing the bike.

    I am really disappointed with the incident regarding the attitude of the party workers and their behaviour in public places. They obviously have no right to palce a notice board in the public parking place and they really were planning for a riot here. Maybe they wanted to create a stampede incident. The district administration should take care of such illegal notice boards and ask them to pay certain amount for using public land for purpose of their party’s advertisement. Only then the party workers should show such kind of attitude.

    After havin undergone all the pain on this particular day, I am no longer in fovour of this particular party and as a matter of fact would work against it whenever possible.

    The place of incident:

    The weekly wednesday market,
    Near Mahavir hardware,
    Near railway gate no. 120,
    Narendra nagar extension,
    Nagpur – 440015

  2. One minute, Sania Mirza is the hottest thing in India and the next she is worthless, fat, sorry athlete? Why the sudden change of heart?

    Couple Points:
    1. Dumbass (Malik) when he was TWENTY and too young to be famous met two girls in Dubai. One Ayesha, another Maha. Apparently, he was bowled over by Maha. Ayesha started chatting with him posing as Maha. LOL. Dumbass marries her over the phone. He visits Hyderabad and finds that Maha is actually Ayesha. LOL. If you have seen a picture of Ayesha, you can’t blame a brother for running…
    He should file for the divorce though.

    2. As you can see, he is not the brightest bulb. So what if he said Muslims support Pakistan? It’s a dumb statement, nothing more. He doesn’t have anything against Indians. He was dating some bollywood hindu girl for god sake. I would argue that many Muslims do support Pakistan cricket. This is especially the case in Indian administered Kashmir. In the football world cup a few years back, all muslims were supporting Turkey, before that Nigeria.

    3. I don’t know what the big fuss is about Sania’s beauty in India. She is a VERY average looking girl.

    4. Prem makes a great point. Hindus marry Hindus. Hindus marry within caste. why not afford the same luxury to Muslims? Overseas, there are plenty of marriages of Pakistani and Indian Muslims. We have the same culture, religion etc.

    5. please note there is no outrage in Pakistan when bollywood movies show handsome Indian stud sweeping an ‘oppressed’,’helpless’ pakistani damsel off her feet.


  3. Proves the SS & millions of ignorant Indians know nothing about tennis. Sania is a fat, hopeless tennis player whose game is going nowhere. I rather wish she plays for Pakistan rather than India. May be its time we found a truly worthy tennis player to cupport in this country, rather than a woman, who apart from her glamour, had nothing to offer to tennis in the country.

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  5. Much ado about nothing. Her choice, her life. My only worry is her reiterating that she will play for India….. umm…. Well! anyway we need someone to get whipped in womens tennis…. doesnt matter if it is sania or someone else.

  6. This symbolic act of sania marrying pakistani muslim validates that brotherhood in islam is more important than anything else..
    panicker types have no knowledge of islam & they have forgotten history or they have no knowledge of it.
    Sena intentions are;nt wrong just that they are not able to highlight the moot points rightly

    • Hindus marry Hindus, Christians marry Christians. So what’s your problem with a Muslim girl marrying a Muslim boy, exactly? “No knowledge of history”, indeed — dude, if you want to regurgitate the conspiracy theorist lines that you learnt by rote, must you do it here?

      • Prem,
        You remember what this shoaib said in the presentation ceremony when pak lost to india in the final of T20 WC ’07?
        Can you treat Shoaib as just another muslim?

        • I also remember how everyone laughed at him. Like we are laughing at the Sena now. And yes, Malik is just another Muslim — why, did an idiotic remark after that win make him the second coming of the Prophet?

          • Prem
            You seem to have something personal against the Sena-do u belong to the group of journalists like the Sardesais and the burka dutts who have to criticize the Sena and the BJP to show off their secular credentials and run their channels?

            • Why, am I not allowed to have a mind of my own? I make a simple point: that the Sena is increasingly focusing on the trivial to garner some cheap publicity. If you think I am wrong, tell me why. But don’t do me the disservice of putting me in a “group” with a label stuck on it — that is not argument, that is an ad hominem attack, and does nothing to advance the debate. Incidentally, I wonder if you noticed that this is a private blog — not a public, monetizable channel? On this, I have the luxury of saying what I think, without worrying about “running” a channel or making money.

  7. OOPS ! I agree with the SS for a totally different reason .
    What on earth did Sania see in Shoaib Malik ? I mean he’s not T/D/H, articulation is not his strong point , no pearls of wisdom drop from his lips, he’s not even a dasher like the brainless Afridi , heck he’s probably not even a graduate ! And to top it all, he’s been idiotic enough not to tie up loose ends with the woman who may or may not have been his wife, in all these years ! With Zaheer Khan – cricketer, Muslim , gorgeous and single to boot (and presumably available 😉 ) , did Sania really have to pick Shoaib? And the icing on the cake ? Zak tweets , Shoaib’s account is a fake with bad grammar 🙂
    So thats my 2p bit on SM^2

  8. Oh come on
    Don’t compare a “ruler” with a player.
    Even Imran khan had to devorce his wife for good faith of the people.
    Very poor logic 😦

  9. Sandeep a horrible thought! Even the Pak team in all its troubles have found Shoiab to be the a trouble and has banned him for a year! I doubt whether he will get picked for an IPL side on merit; leave alone the Indian team;)

    Maybe will play as a son-in-law for Deccan and spoil their chances next year!

  10. Why nobody is inviting Shoaib Malik to play for India? as most of our players are injured (read bored), making or alrdy made a fortune thru IPLs, Pure Shoaib, need lots of money for wedding na? what u say Panikkaretta?

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