Mandatory reading

Live blogging is the hardest thing to do on this medium. Live chats are relatively easy — the audience gives you your cues, and all you need to do is respond. With live blogging on the other hand, you need to pull off the far more difficult balancing act of absorbing all that you are seeing and hearing, and to simultaneously synopsize, frame it all instantly in fine prose.

It is high art — and here’s a high quality artist at work: Amit Varma, live-blogging TED-Mumbai.


2 thoughts on “Mandatory reading

  1. Reference to your earlier post on “The angst of writing cricket” : expectations change over time and do not think anyone expects you or another experienced journalist to cover every match and write detailed match reports. More or less how you read the game, comments on strategies, field placings, leadership etc.Mostly people who watch the game won’t go and check the match reports unless someone writes with lot of color & wit. I think you should look to become a commentator 🙂 ..we have some very ordinary commentary this season.RCB must have realized today having a team full of striking batsmen won’t give you the results if you do not have the proper balance in the batting order.Sometimes you get carried away by the form of overseas players but not necessarily they will be successful in Indian conditions.KP & CW clearly playing RD at 7, AK is wasting one slot in the team .In his sleep RD can produce kind of batting JK & KP been offering..I am not a fan of RD’s batting in T20 (neither JK’s nor KP’s) but it kind of hurts to see RD walking at #7.

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