3/4th water, 1/4th Jonty

An early sighting of exceptional talent, in this piece on the South African fielding machine:

The modern mantle might just belong to Sybrand Engelbrecht, a 21-year-old blond ghost who haunted backward point with enthusiasm as memorable as his athleticism at the 2008 Under-19 World Cup. He took five catches, some of them positively Rhodesian, in the three matches he played, and added to his value by hurrying and harrying batsmen into and out of singles. If the ball was being hit somewhere he wasn’t, he was in the captain’s ear, nagging to be moved to the hot spot.

3 thoughts on “3/4th water, 1/4th Jonty

    • This is too obvious, but thought I’d clarify just the same. “Rhodesian” as in “like Jonty Rhodes” – the athlete\cricketer, not the country.

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