Dear Congress…

why do you care? Put differently — what the eff business is it of yours?

6 thoughts on “Dear Congress…

  1. Vir Sanghvi raised a fair point on NDTV debat the other day when he said that Congress men are hell bent on bashing Amitabh on this issue to score browny points with Gandhi(s).

  2. “He wanted to know from chief minister Narendra Modi as to why he preferred Bachchan over Ambani and ignored the contributions of Gujaratis.”…

    Now if you grant Congress the role of a political party with a considerable play in India and Gujrat, that question is not irrelevant, for sure. Asking questions is the business of political parties, I suppose? The question may be stupid. But it does not become irrelevant. The anti- of your thought process is: whatever the Gujrat government does not need any explanations. Which sounds a little dangerous, right?

    • I think the main issue here is of the relevance (lack of, rather) of the subject. You can ask questions, sure, but as a political party of considerable importance and responsibility, one would expect them to be ones of more immediate relevance than the above one. I think Prem’s point is that how does it matter who the brand ambassador is? Does the question merit so much time and mind-space as the party’s relentlessness in pursuing seems to suggest?

      By itself the question may not become irrelevant, just because it is stupid, but given other issues that a national party can raise, it definitely does not come across as one meriting as much attention as it seems to be getting. Priorities.

      Secondly, the anti of the thought process that you mentioned — not questioning anything the Gujrat Govt. does — is taking an idea to one extreme and arguing it to be dangerous and extrapolating it to say so was the original idea. No one is asking the Cong to stop questioning the Gujrat Govt., one is merely questioning the choice and significance of the questions, and the energy devoted towards them.

      I would still ask the question, How exactly does it matter who the brand ambassador is? What precisely does it solve when all the dust of this issue is settled one way or another?

      • Besides the above, I am protesting the idiocy of it. Congress first attacked Bachchan’s naming on the grounds of Gujarat’s human rights record. “Ask Mr Bachchan for his views on the 2002 riots”, the party said. Now it says, why not Ambani. Sorry, say what? Is it okay for Ambani to represent a state with a bad human rights record, then?

        I am therefore questioning the Congress party’s descent into a schoolyard fight, rather than treating this and all issues with the maturity you expect of a party that rules the country.

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