How about a fool’s cap?

First, it was Jairam Ramesh doing his nut over the convocation gown. Personally, I don’t give a flying fish whether or not you have gowns at these things — but “barbaric”, Jairam? The right word to use, you think, when you are referring to an education-related practice? Why did they give you that doctorate, again?

The minister’s little number resonated with several others. Take it off, Jairam, cheered Murli Manohar Joshi from the sidelines. Nitish Kumar likewise. And now, closer home — my home, that is — Karnataka minister Ramachandra Gowda wants the ceremonial cap replaced with an indigenous version.

Must be the heat.

4 thoughts on “How about a fool’s cap?

  1. Practices tend to become mainstream without knowledge of its origin. With open eyes should continue with what is necessary and shed the baggage, colonial or indigenous. We used to have the budget speech at half past five, just about the right time in London. Madhu Dandavate changed it in his first budget speech.

    • Agree. While on which, the Rajya Sabha is an even bigger colonial hangover we could shed with profit. 🙂

      • Perhaps the politicians are closely watching House of Lords and several proposed reforms ;). Sardar at least insured that former royals just got a privy purse for joining the union not a hereditary seat on RS.

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