Live chats and all that

Right, so first up, today’s Live show on Yahoo will be hosted by Amit Varma [for the very few who need it, the relevant links: Amit on Twitter, and blog].

Tomorrow, I’m back as host — and joining me is JRod of Cricket With Balls [this is his blog].

Wednesday is for statistics buffs — joining me is Dr Srinivas Bhogle, elder brother of Harsha and a certified whiz with cricket stats. Srinivas, and the late Professor Manohar Rao, had while I was with Rediff created our rankings system there on a well thought out, well articulated analytical platform, and has been updating it ever since.

As Dr Bhogle [more of his work here] pointed out in course of a recent conversation, cricket/sports analytics is sadly under-developed. Sadly, because cricket more than most other sports lends itself to endless statistics-based discussions and debate. We’ve started talking of what is possible and how it can be built; let’s see where that goes. Meanwhile, on Wednesday, Dr Bhogle is live on the chat, to chat numbers.

So — Amit Varma today; JRod with me tomorrow and Dr Bhogle with me the day after. Should be fun — join in. Links to the shows — 3.30 pm-4.30 pm each day — as always on my twitter stream and also on Yahoo’s News and Cricket streams.