Rediff, ToI, and a sudden attack of deja vu

While reading this story in ToI over the weekend, I had this feeling of been there, heard that.

Here’s where I’d been, and here’s what I’d heard.

The two Rediff links are bylined. While one of the names attached to those pieces — Professor Manohar Rao, a math whiz, cricket fanatic and all round good human being — is unfortunately no more, Dr Srinivas Bhogle is around, so I know where to go to ask questions about some of the underlying assumptions.

I’m not sure, though, who the “we” in the ToI piece is. There’s a lot of “we assigned” and “we worked out” and stuff — but I wish we knew who “we” was/were, so questions could be addressed to them.

I’m not suggesting ToI just took the fruits of other folks’ labor and got “inspired” by it, in the fashion of Bollywood’s finest.

Just saying.

8 thoughts on “Rediff, ToI, and a sudden attack of deja vu

  1. Reading the TOI article .. I had the feeling that I had seen something very similar before.

    Now I know where I had seen it 🙂

  2. Dont know about ToI, but I had done a similar exercise at the end of last year’s IPL here.
    I hadn’t read the particular piece that Dr. Srinivas Bhogle and Professor Manohar Rao had done though. Really liked Dr. Srinivas’ various pieces that i’ve read over the years. looking forward to the Yorker chat with him 🙂

    • Nice. Just for the record, Shrinivas has been doing stats based stuff for Rediff from the mid-1990s on, including team and individual rankings, MVP lists, etc. Right, the chat should be fun, see you there

    • Just checked our IPL2 figures to compare with Saurabh’s analysis. The rankings compare extremely well.

      These were our final rankings:

      Adam Gilchrist | M Hayden | Suresh Raina | AB de Villiers | Rohit Sharma
      Brad Hodge | Irfan Pathan | Jean-Paul Duminy | Yuvraj Singh | Anil Kumble
      Dinesh Karthik | A Symonds | Yusuf Pathan | Jacques Kallis | Tillakaratne Dilshan
      RP Singh

      And here are Saurabh’s rankings:

      Adam Gilchrist | M Hayden | Suresh Raina | AB de Villiers | Rohit Sharma | Dinesh Karthik | R P Singh | Irfan Pathan | T Dilshan | Jacques Kallis | Brad Hodge | Anil Kumble | Herschelle Gibbs | Yuvraj Singh | JP Duminy

      So we have practically the same names and in nearly the same order!

      To be honest, Saurabh’s analysis would impress a blue-blooded statistician a little more.

        • Oh Srinivas is very good that way — doesn’t believe in living within a walled garden. Come talk to him tomorrow.

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