Short, sweet, smart

From Aakash Chopra, an insightful piece on captaincy in the T20 format. Tempted to clip, but read the whole.

Aakash, incidentally, will be live on the Yorker show on Yahoo tomorrow.


One thought on “Short, sweet, smart

  1. In the last DD match, Gambir threw his bat & helmet in disgust in the dugout in front of all the other players when he got out. That was just the 2nd wicket DD lost at that point and they were still cruising.. When captain shows that kind of emotions in front of other players it can bring negative impact in the players mindset as if everything was lost. DD went on to lose that match from a winning position. Kumble still need to learn to keep his emotions in check when there is misfielding or a dropped catch of his bowling. One can notice RCB fielders under extra pressure when their captain is bowling.

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