Sagarika redux

Sans comment, and with thanks to all those who sent me this between my last Sagarika post and the one of earlier today [You know who you are, and you are too many to thank individually :-)]


14 thoughts on “Sagarika redux

  1. there is nothing wrong in what Jethmalani said, everybody is entitled to a fair trial. even kasab who should actually be tried in a military court as an enemy combatant has gotten a proper fair trial.
    also, why was sagarika ghose draggin his family into this??
    some journalists have similply no common sense

  2. There is one thing that is basics of justice system of any country (May not be happening in some countries in practice). Anyone accused of a crime has an opportunity to defend himself in a court of law and he/she is entitled to a fair trial. That the way it works, it is not perfect always. But here media has many times decide the accused to be the criminal before the court proceedings are complete. I think that aspect of it is wrong. I am in no way supporting any criminal. But we have to understand that the label criminal can be put only once someone is convicted, and we just have to wait for that moment to happed to call him/her that.

  3. Having understood whatever Jethmalani is saying, in the end he still leaves you with a bitter taste. The larger question is: is it desirable to listen or respect people like him who have made a living out of HELPING absolute criminals – check the list if you want, thats a whoiswho on criminal masterminds. Well, as a media person, Sagarika cannot ask that question. And oh, i know Jethmalani’s answer too: I dont care!!!

    • both these videos tell more about jethmalani’s character and the shameless ruthless lawyer he is … Ghose only comes across as a bit clumsy and ineffective as compared to thapar, but certainly not stupid.

  4. While Sagarika hasn’t come out even an iota clever in this clip, Mr Jethmalani was even worse – not a modicum of decency to allow her to complete the questions. Turned it off half way through- couldn’t stand his shouting..

  5. Prem,
    So far I have seen you mock media personalities Dutt, Roy and Ghosh who all happen to be women. There must be many men on TV who are equally worthy of redicule but I don’t see them in your blogs ( or may be you did I may have missed).
    There is ofcourse a possiblity all the men in the media never put their foot in the mouth. There is also another possiblity you are probably not capable of catching or noticing men in the media going hysterical ( which again is the term is pejoratively associated with women).

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