Question. Answer. Cue laughter

Now this is getting to be hilarious. Check out this exchange between Lalit Modi and Shashank Manohar:

“Till date, you have made public statements about a lot of issues which were not even discussed in the meetings of the governing council when it is the governing council which has the authority to take decisions with regard to each and every issue related to IPL.”

To that salvo by Manohar, Modi’s response:

“I am happy to disclose all the facts at the next governing council meeting.”

The classic non-responsive response. More substantially, there is this exchange, between Manohar, first, and Modi:

“The BCCI is a body which functions in accordance with its constitution and doesn’t function through the media. The issue, if any, could have been discussed at the governing council meeting and that action on your part of raising it on Twitter is unbecoming of you as a chairman of the a sub-committee of the board. Your action is in serious breach of the confidentiality clause in the agreement,” Manohar wrote.

The response:

As regard not raising it at the time of the tender – we didn’t have the foresight to go through the voluminous documents attached to verify each and every shareholder. As regard to many other things I have said on my Twitter account, they have actually not been any classified information. It’s factual and only something we have or would have put into the public domain.”

Seriously? You called for voluminous documentation on each shareholder, as a pre-condition of qualifying for the bidding, and didn’t “have the foresight” to examine any of that documentation?

Kind of begs the question, dude — have you found the time, and had the foresight, to check the documentation, including the fine print, relating to the Pune franchise? Or does the IPL function on the random sampling model, where it picks out one in ten franchises for close scrutiny?

Meanwhile, fascinated by the kind of responses being thrown into the comments field on the earlier post on ‘Modigate’ — I would have called it ‘Tharoorgate’, but there’s too many of those. I guess I’ll hear more of the same during the live show, today on Yahoo, 3.30-4.30. Here.

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    COIMBATORE: As if Shashi Tharoor didn’t have enough to worry about after the controversy over his alleged stakes in the Kochi IPL team erupted, the Communist Part of India (CPI) is planning to move court against him for allegedly forging documents to include his name in the electoral rolls of the Thiruvananthapuram Lok Sabha constituency.

    Speaking to Express, P Ramachandran Nair, CPI Thiruvananthapuram district secretary said, “Tharoor got his name in the voters’ list in the constituency using fake documents. We have decided to approach the High Court against Tharoor for cheating and for violating the Representation of People Act.”

    Nair said, “He submitted the application for enrolment the same day (October 27, 2008) he rented a house in Thiruvananthapuram, which means he is not an ordinary resident”. The EC stipulates that only an ordinary resident — one who has resided in a place for a considerable amount of time — can be included in the voters’ list.

  2. They didnt verify the shareholder’s clause?
    So the underworld, mafia, peddlers may have a significant share in the franchises?
    Fans may buy a merchandise which profits the mafia and LKM did not have the foresight to verify them and the sources!
    He is a president of ITC right? He has no clue on Corporate taxes, Money Laundering act, Finance act.

    If not for any other reason, this is one good reason to bring the IPL under RTI. I need to know where my ticket money and Jersey money (CSK) are going!

  3. Haa. Modi has time to appear every 60 seconds on the TV – at the time of toss, at the time of blimp sighting, at the time of strategic breaks but he hasn’t the time to go through some documents which he solicited as a prerequisite. And media folks (particularly of the pink variety) try to pass IPL as a management case study. I say, bring back those Harvard and IIMA case studies on Railway turnaround done by Lalu.

  4. Just when the talk was getting around that we have a professionally managed sports league like the EPL comes this ModiGate/TharoorGate, a very bad example indeed.

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