In through the out door

And here we go again — since before the start of this season, there have been persistent rumors that the KXIP franchise is looking for buyers. Another story on this lines — this one suggests that where it was earlier assumed one of the partners might move out, we seem set for an exodus.

Hmm. Why? Not much money in it, despite reports such as these? Or, as in the heyday of the Internet bubble, a case of selling off at an inflated valuation and getting out while the getting’s good?

6 thoughts on “In through the out door

  1. I put this qustion to Priety Zinta on twitter – telling her that she might be out of the loop and that her fellow partners seemed to be planning th sell out w/o her knowledge. This was her reply:

    “@shantanub Nothing can happen without a board approval & I chair d board so I know of everything! I will inform d world when there is news!”

    Go figure.

  2. Making hay while the sun shines!!! KXIP with its star value and also reasonable performance barring this season should fetch reasonably good money as well. Modi will be happier as well, if he has 1 less link to deal with, as far his stakes in the IPL teams go 😀

  3. Probably its the latter. Also, they could be getting jittery about the Modi-Tharoor spat and get out of IPL with heads intact.

  4. All the above mentioned reasons. If u draw a parallel with EPL this istuation isnt toally unfamilair and will continue happening with other clubs too. Considering the amount the new IPL teams got bid for I think its a good time to sell out

  5. hw abt we all form a consortium n buy kingsXI.. do u knw any minister who’s thinkin of gettin married again.. n oh.. keep a lil bit aside for the chairman as well.. hehe..

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