…to the previous post about Kochi and Abu Dabhi:

Dear LKM: This news, first posted on the official IPLT20 website, for your kind consideration.

Okay, enough of shooting sitting ducks. Gone, for the weekend.

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  1. The Shashi Tharoor SEX AND CORRUPTION SCANDAL has led to the resignation of Shashi Tharoor as the Minister of State for External Affairs. One can only conclude that Tharoor had been caught with his pants down and was forced to quit because the object of his lust was rewarded for using a Minister to clinch a deal by providing sex to him. SHAME, SHAME!

  2. The “lady” is question is a SLUT. Quote from's+ex-hubby+says+he+has+'moved+on‘.html

    Pushkar had married Raina when she was still in college in the late 1980s, against the wishes of her parents, who had wanted her to complete her studies and launch herself into a professional career.

    The marriage broke up within a year, according to sources, when Pushkar got close to Raina’s friend, Sujit Menon.

  3. This should be called the “Shashi Tharoor SEX scandal.” A shady lady who slept with Tharoor and got him to apply pressure to close a deal and she got paid by those who got the deal. This makes her a prostitute. It would not be wrong to say that Tharoor got caught in a honey trap.

    Tharoor is your typical White-worshipping idiot with no clue about India and thinks that he can do whatever he wants in India because he belongs to a superior species. Actually, by running for the UN Gen Sec post as though he needed the popular vote (he actually gave campaign speeches and a concession speech!), he proved that he has no clue about the UN either.

    The Indian media will of course support Tharoor because the Indian media has been purchased using women. I am told that the media has been bribed to claim that Modi’s remark about the request to shift the franchise to Abu Dhabi is ridiculous. There is nothing ridiculous about it. Ian Chappell has suggested that cities in other countries be allowed to participate in IPL. The cricket mafia that provides prostitution services to cricketers, journalists and now ministers is based in the Gulf states. Let us not pretend that Tharoor never approached anyone to change the rules to allow overseas franchises to participate in IPL along with the request that the Kochi franchise be moved to Abu Dhabi.

  4. Paki’s must be enjoying this IPL fight. Just look at Akarm’s timing of allegation on ball tampering..Not able to get his point otherwise. If the fielding side messes with the ball and batsmen cannot sight it Umpires change the ball .Umpires have been doing it in IPL matches. RCB lost one match against KKR because of that. It’s a disadvantage to the fielding side because the new replacement ball will be much harder than the old one..can easily scored off.So why would a fielding side rub mud on the ball intentionally?

  5. Prem – like the new look of your blog – except for one thing. Why have you moved the comments link to the top instead of leaving it at the bottom? Usually you read the thing and at the end if you feel like commenting you do it at that point. Now we need to go allll tthhheee wwwaaay uuupp 🙂

  6. What has that got to do with a franchise playing its *IPL* matches in Abu Dhabi, which is what Lalit Modi said Kochi franchise were planning to do? Royals weren’t planning to play their IPL matches in England by announcing that tie-up with other domestic teams.

    • If you read the earlier post: It is *not* possible to play your IPL matches in any other country. The rules say the entire league has to be played in one location. So Modi was blowing smoke there — basically, he took a news story of earlier, which said that some investors in Kochi had talked of playing some games in the Gulf for the benefit of fans abroad, and twisted it by adding “IPL” to it. Any franchise can play games anywhere in the world, but it is the IPL that decides the IPL schedule and grounds, not individual franchises.

      • Did you read the statement from Modi that you quoted in the earlier article: “This morning, I learnt from a colleague of mine that Mr Tharoor has approached that ‘he would like their support to move the team out to Abu Dhabi.”

        So, yes, under the current IPL rules it is not possible for a franchise to play their games outside India, but that’s why Tharoor has approached one of Modi’s colleagues to seek their help to enable this move (at least as per Modi’s statement). So saying that it is not possible under the current rules doesn’t mean anything. Modi is saying that Tharoor wants the rules to be modified so that Kochi team can play some of their home games in the Gulf.

        • When someone says my friend who is close to someone else’s friend, understand it’s a lie. and of all pople u take modi’s words seriously…. hahahahaha. Days after his kochi tweet, he is still to reveal other franchise details.

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