Radio silence

Traveling to Delhi tomorrow, for a two-day series of meetings. Off blog from now till sometime late tomorrow night, hence. Just FYI 🙂

Be well all.


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  1. JII :Mayan/Jazzy,I India, we have this tendency of making saints out of ordinary human beings who excel in their fields. Then, as a next step we make them Gods. From then on, if there is an opinion against them, it is blasphemy. That is what has been happening since the times of Gandhi, Nehru & now SRT:-).Even if there is merit in my argument, people pounce on me if they feel it’s against their God. Yeah, I do nitpicking:-). It’s more out of irritation at Guys like Sunny.

    JII, I believe that it is actually the nit-pickers who are looking at people as Gods. Normally, people do have faults and weaknesses. For example, with all the good performances in IPL, Sachin does not inspire the confidence of clearing the boundary at will when the field is spread. Now, if you look at Sachin as a human being with limitations, that is perfectly understandable, because that is not his strength. But if you nit-pick on this aspect thinking that Sachin should be “perfect”, then that obviously becomes a “flaw”. Do you get it? Over the 20 years of seeing people criticize him, this is one thing that I have always noticed- most of the criticisms were actually “nit-picking”, assuming that he SHOULD be perfect. When Prem wrote that piece on the 175, I could not but notice this trait, when he suggested that SRT was slow to get the first few runs to complete some 17K+ runs. It just didnt occur to Prem that may be he took a few balls to ensure that he is into rhythm. Or look at the way Nitin commented about Dravid’s “catch” yesterday. You see? I understand that this is actually a REaction- some people come to the ground with the banner “GOD”; you know he is not “God”; hence you are hell-bent on proving that he is not God; hence you nit-pick. The only thing that you miss out in this whole sequence is this: those fans does not consider him to be a “God” in the sense of being “the perfect”. Once you understand that, things will fall into place.

    • You sound much more rational than an average SRT fanatic:-). But, I agree 100% with what Prem wrote that day. And, that is not a judgement I made based on that innings. It is something based on watching most of all those innumerable milestones he has accumulated over the 20 years. BTW, my last post on this till we get a fresh topic:-).

    • I suppose you are joking. If not, going by your logic, even the mild shortpitched balls would have become a bouncer to him!!!!

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