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As an antidote to the IPL madness — and madness is the operative word; consider this: the franchises wanted Ravi Shastri/Sunny Gavaskar, the board wanted Shashank Manohar, so we get Chirayu Amin — try following the one true world champion we have in our midst.


5 thoughts on “A link for you

  1. Oh there is an interesting tale here as well (and one in which Shashi Tharoor could have played some constructive part) which for some reasons we have missed in all the IPL drama.
    When all of europe has come to a standstill due to icelandic information the organizers in Sofia refused Anand’s demand to shift the match dates by 3 days so that he can take the long us journey and still have some time to adjust to the city. Nothing doing flatly rejected by the organizers. End result Anand taking a 40 hour long journey, participating in opening ceremony in a days time and playing his first match in 2 days time. No surprises he lost.
    Surprisingly we don’t any hell been raised by our media on this.

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