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Right, so I’m battling a stomach bug whose nuisance value is proving to be massively disproportionate to its size. 😦

Hence the radio silence of yesterday. Bug continues, hence silence continues. Off blog — and work — for a bit till I sort this out. Meanwhile, open house, folks — discuss, debate [the World Cup, with India’s campaign starting Saturday, should provide plenty of grist], throw up links worth looking at and all that kind of good stuff, please.

Will check back in here late this evening if I am up and about, or tomorrow morning for sure.

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  3. Tags-We tend to tag players as a ODI player or as a Test player,but stats show a different picture,so while Dravid is considered a Test Player and Sehwag as a dashing player for limited cricket and the young tycos as ODI players,Sachin transcends all forms of course.
    ODIs-MSD leads the pack with an average of 51.13,Sachin with 45.12,while Saurav is 3rd Dravid is 4th yes he is 4th ahead of Sehwag,Yuvraj ,Raina and Rohit Sharma oops even ahead of Gambhir.Ofcourse they would be all ahead of Dravid in SR.
    Another interesting fact is while Sehwag goes on to make big centuries in Tests his overall record in ODIs is not good considering he comes in to open or early.His highest score is 146 and with 12 centuries.With his recent form in IPL is it time for Sehwag to focus only on Tests?
    The tests show that Sachin and Gambhir are ahead of Dravid in averages while Sehwag is close behind.
    Rohit and Raina have not played tests.
    Comparitive Stats of Some Indian Cricketers

    Player ODI Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave BF SR 100 50
    Rohit Sharma 42 39 10 743 70* 25.62 1023 72.62 0 4
    Suresh Raina 90 73 15 2214 116* 38.17 2470 89.63 3 15
    MSD 162 143 37 5420 183* 51.13 6031 89.86 7 35
    Sachin 442 431 41 17598 200* 45.12 20401 86.26 46 93
    Dravid 339 313 40 10765 153 39.43 15124 71.17 12 82
    Gambhir 96 92 8 3148 150* 37.47 3710 84.85 7 19
    Yuvraj 250 230 32 7345 139 37.09 8264 88.87 12 43
    Sehwag 221 215 8 7091 146 34.25 6850 103.51 12 35
    Ganguly 311 300 23 11363 183 41.02 15416 73.7 22 72
    Tests Comparision Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave BF SR 100 50
    Ganguly 113 188 17 7212 239 42.17 14070 51.25 16 35
    Dhoni 43 66 9 2428 148 42.59 3991 60.83 4 17
    Sachin 166 271 29 13447 248* 55.56 47 54
    Gambhir 31 55 4 2798 206 54.86 5119 54.65 9 11
    Yuvraj 33 50 6 1582 169 35.95 2704 58.5 3 8
    Dravid 139 240 28 11395 270 53.75 26882 42.38 29 58
    Sehwag 76 130 5 6691 319 53.52 8273 80.87 19 21

  4. Indian institutions should set up a whistle blower policy at the same time as the institution crops up.

    If there had been one maybe the mess could have been controlled in IPL.The issue is compounded when so called decent guys or clean blokes choose to remain silent in wake of the flamboyant success.
    Harsha Bhogle says Lalit Modi should not be jettisoned as he has done so much for IPL.HB is also team adviser for MI and a commentator and a journalist,where do the lines get blurred?What is his connection as a Team adviser LKM,there could be insider info floating around with no respect to conflict of interest.
    Why was there no whistle in case of LKM?
    How many times a Dravid or SRT have remained silent when something which is not right has happened ,have they at least had the courage to take up/confront in private?
    The Governing council has abdicated responsibility and as per reports one of the members was very close to becoming IPL chief,The Nawab did start talking,but it was late and again his son had reportedly bid for a team.
    I am sure in India there are enough people either with knowledge or credibility who can step in without conflict of interest if they are allowed,then why are the same names cropping up?

  5. Prem, get well soon. your comments are missed the most!
    can one give weightage to the difficulty level of the performance, eg. the pressure under which achieved, or difficulty level of the catch etc. as they do in diving?

  6. Whay d ya think of team selection? I feel Praghan Ohja, Uthappa & Irfan would have been better in place of Piyush, Karthik and Vinay.

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  9. True – we always are one to give the underdogs a leg up! and what’s the fun in winning all matches anyways? Might as well get run-rate to play a role!

  10. So I assume India doesn’t have any warm up matches because everyone in the team got enough practise in the ipl?

  11. Nice little analysis there, a bit skewed in the favour of batsmen though… I’m tempted to suggest that it misses out the immense contributions of bowlers, but at the same time this IPL (and majority of t20 cricket) has kind of been defined by big innings. You can have the one bowler doing extremely well in a match, but a single destructive innings can instantly negate his value.

    On another note, does anyone know how cricinfo does it’s more indepth stats? (including weightings based on the opposition, match situation etc?) If it’s not a tedious manual chore, I’d love to experiment with it and see what comes out of it.

  12. since this is open house… would love it if Prem (and other readers here) tell me what they think of this analysis [Link], done as a numbers-based guide to calculate the ‘Most Valuable Player’ for IPL 2010.

    • Saurabh,
      A very comprehensive and pretty accurate analysis, I must say. As you noted, Raina is indeed a worthy MVP for IPL3.

      • thanks JII 🙂
        i got 15 points by rounding down the normalized value for a wicket taken. rounded down (to nearest 5) on the assumption that a wicket is worth more than a catch.
        @kny789: it is a little batting skewed, but you saved me an explanation by giving it yourself 🙂
        @prem: sorry for hijacking your space!!

        • What do you think about this ?
          The relative strike rate can be calculated either on a per match basis. This way we can take into account the kind of wicket the batsmen have played on and how easy or how difficult it was to score. E.g., by your formula Gambhir’s 50 against chennai would actually hurt his value whereas if taken against the avg. strike rate in that match, it comes up as an innings of very high value. Another suggestion would be to take it on a team-by-team basis which would actually show the value of the player to a particular team.

          • I did think of both things, and the beauty of stats is they allow you to do that. However, getting relative strike rate for each match is a tedious, tedious task. i was just taking a short cut on the assumption that in a long tournament like the ipl with its home and away concept, it would even out in the long run.

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