Live, today

at 3.30. Here. Come on over and chat. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Live, today

  1. Prem – Yeah, the 6 PM IST should work. I would’ve just got in at work but Cricket takes precedence. Thanks mate. Much appreciated.

    Regarding weekend show — What? You need a life? C’mon now.

  2. Prem- man, i’d like to take part in the yorker program but its so awfully early here in the east coast. but i guess even if you delay it further in india, i still can’t participate as corporate america has made me its bitch. Any possibility of a weekend show at all?

    • How about 6 pm IST?

      The weekend show, need to think about it, mate — the work week is frenetic enough, if I add something to my slate on Saturdays, there goes any possibility of getting a life 🙂

      Will try and work something out.

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