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In its quest to maintain India’s No.1 Test ranking the BCCI has sent a proposal to Cricket Australia to convert the seven-match ODI series in October to two Tests and three ODIs. India had climbed to the top spot in 2009, after drubbing Sri Lanka 2-0 at home, and then retained the ranking by fighting back to level the two-Test series against South Africa in February.

Yay! Now make that three Tests, BCCI, and all your sins are forgiven.


12 thoughts on “The good news post

  1. 100k followers is no big deal for a celebrity. But 100k in a matter of a couple of days is something.

    • just out of curiousity, i continuously did refreshes on his twitter profile for a few minutes…every refresh(2-4 seconds) showed an increase in count in terms of 3-6 followers…that was yesterday…now i did the same thing, the trend is still continuing…:-))

  2. Sachin’s on his way to another century – 100k followers on Twitter. Time for Ashton Kutcher to sit up and take note.

  3. I just hope we do not lose the series and the test rankings and become the laughing stock of the cricketing world. 🙂

    • You will lose No 1 ranking if you donot play. Better to lose it by playing. Atleast you have a chance to retain it

      • I don’t see the current Indian team losing to Aus IN INDIA. So, not a bad idea. Anyways, who wants to watch 7 ODIs?

        • Conquering SriLanka is not going to be an easy task. I understand that Mendis is not a threat now, and Murali is fading out. But Sri Lanka is Sri Lanka, after all.

      • yeah agree. But they became #1 by playing all those tests that BCCI was scheduling amidst the ODI madness. Now they are going out of the way to schedule tests and dropping ODIs. That kind of sudden interest in tests is funny and I wish it does not lead to us ending up looking silly.

        • Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Clamor first to the lack of tests. Once BCCI indicates possibility of more tests, start wondering whether that’s the right thing. some of you are off the charts on the WTF scale.

  4. IN fact I am waiting for a proper 5 test series with Australia or South Africa.

    Only way to get BCCI to do this is to tell them that Sachin needs to break Bradman’s record of 974 runs in a single series.

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