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It’s been said before, but will say it once more — because I can.

I’m getting to totally love the freedom blogs and Twitter provide. Firstly, because there is no compulsion to write a ‘column’ of a specified length to a specified deadline — majorly useful, when some days all you really have to say is, ‘same shit, different day’ [which is just perfect as a twitter post, by the way]. Second, you can write whenever you really want to, without worrying about whether it is your allotted day on some arbitrary calendar. And third, you can write a thousand words, or just throw in a link, with maybe a line or two of context, if you feel the need for it.

Today being one of those days when I don’t really feel like I have something to say, three links and an invite, for your consideration:

Aakash Chopra on why left is right in cricket.

Gideon Haigh argues that an obsessive focus on the ‘brand’ could keep BCCI from carrying out the thorough clean-up that the IPL, and by extension Indian cricket, requires. [Just in case we aren’t too clear what this ‘brand’ really means, here’s Sukanta Chaudhari in the Telegraph on the wealth the BCCI generates, and the pointlessness of it all].

And, having saved the best bit for the last, here’s Amit Varma’s latest for Y! Opinions — on “Internet Hindus”, the unwisdom of pig wrestling, and the why the Internet lends itself to the gradual hardening of arteries opinion.

Read, comment. And oh, the invitation: here you go, the link to today’s Yorker live chat, 3.30-4.30, as per usual. See you there.