The making of a movie buff

I’ve been following Jai Arjun Singh’s blog for a little over five years [a post I’d put up to celebrate its fifth anniversary]. In late 2008, when I started doing my version of MT Vasudevan Nair’s Randaamoozham, Jai and I had a fascinating dialog on email about the malleability of myth, that cleared some of the cobwebs in my head and helped me figure out where I wanted to take my own rendition, and why. [Here is a piece Jai subsequently did for Business Standard, about Bhimsen, and the nature of myth]

So now, with great pleasure, welcoming Jai to the roster of Yahoo columnists with this introductory post.

4 thoughts on “The making of a movie buff

  1. Prem ,
    I am great fan of you and Jai Arjun , Does the Yahoo Opinions page have a single RSS feed link so I can subscribe thru reader ?

    • Not yet, but that is coming soon. We launched in a hurry because we wanted the columnists onboarded asap; now we are doing some back fill, to create an appropriate architecture that facilitates discovery. Bear with us, mate

  2. Prem, thanks for the kind words!
    Kalki, the column writing won’t be too different from the long movie posts on the blog. Those are personal/informal, and that’s pretty much the brief for the Yahoo column too.

  3. oh wow!! looking forward to his column. He has been awesome on his blog. Would like to see what he does differently on Y! Opinions.

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