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Update: Stuck in meetings that begin at 8 in the morning, and end at 9. Blogging zero, therefore. Continues that way today, and for part of tomorrow — hopefully, after that should be back at base and in a position to resume updates here.

Oh, and for the game today? Will be in front of a TV — and updating thoughts on twitter. See you there.

Earlier post: Am in Delhi for a series of meetings, today through Wednesday night, before flying back to Delhi Bangalore. Blogging apt to be sporadic during this period, if at all.

Had some thoughts to post on the ongoing WC and India’s participation — but that can wait till I am back in my hotel room, likely past 10 pm. In the meantime, open thread, folks — your thoughts, arguments, interesting links, all muchly appreciated.

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  2. At least through this thread people come to know about other achievements. for me that is a good start.

  3. Well we can sleep peacefully now, India is out of the world cup.

    Not only Anand, the Indian Hockey Team is also doing pretty well in the Azlan Shah tournament. They beat Australia 4-3 yesterday. But I guess the “sports” experts in media will notice these things till there is some masala apart from the game.

  4. Let us hope Anand winning is an omen. But really, Anand has to be THE GREATEST INDIAN SPORTSPERSON EVER!!

    • Uhh.. he is one of the preeminent few certainly but the greatest title is of one’s own opinion. SRT, Kapil Dev, Milkha Singh, Dhyan Chand, Leander Paes (he brought home the olympic bronze), PT Usha… The list is actually long. Its easy to get caught up in the moment and anoint Vishy the greatest.. I don’t question his legitimacy to that title, i am just pointing to many other viable candidates.

    • Swamy, Anand is one candidate of course, but by the sheer dominion in respective field, Dhyan Chand is surely ahead of him (I think he outscores SRT/Kapil also in this aspect, Dhyan chand was more like Bradman). Then theres a question of Anand not being involved in team sports (which demands broader skills than individual events). Then theres a question of excelling despite the system(a case for Usha/Milkha, eventhough they didnt rule the world in her events).

      • Come on. Chesss is a sport ?? For me, some athleticism has to be involved for it to be considered a sport and hence can’t accept Vishy anand as the greatest indian “sportsperson”

        • Anyone heard of Maria Irudayam?

          A. Maria Irudayam (born 1956 in Chennai, India) is a two-time World Carrom Champion and nine-time national champion of India. He was awarded the prestigious Arjuna Award, a sporting honour presented by the Government of India, in 1996.

          But, does that make him one of the greatest Indian sportsmen ever? I tend to agree with iplwatcher. You cannot classify carrom & chess along with real ‘sports’.

          • Even I feel like that. But considering that Chess is being considered as part of sports, Vishy is eligible for such a claim.

            The problem with not including Chess in Sports is that there are many other games too, mostly indoor, becoming questionable. What about Snooker/Billiards? Its not that people need to use too much of physique in those games either.

    • If you set aside, the by gone era, Anannd is indeed the best sportsperson we have ever produced. To be a champion, you have to win world championships, plain and simple:
      – Kapil 1
      – Sachin 0
      – Prakash 1
      – Anand 4
      – Usha 0
      To the argument of whether Chess is a sport, it is hugely strategic, involves a ton of skill.. agreed it is not physical, but what about golf.. you have pot bellied people (Norman) who are considered greats.. Like it or not it is still a sport

      The same logic is applied in the US as well when we think of the all time greats.. in the NBA, Barkley could never get the Michael, Bird and , despite all those wonderful years in Philly. Similarly in football, Elway needed to get the championship to be even treated in the same level as Montana and other greats.. I think it is a simple, but legitimate measure to assess champions and all time greats (excuses set aside)



      • This the SILLIEST argument I ever heard of measuring excellence in team sports. There is no world championship in Test cricket. What about Bradman? Balwinder Sandhu has a world cup against his name. So, what do you suggest?

        • Let me clarify.. it is not the bench player/also-rans on a championship who gets to take the credit, but the top player… So Balwinder Sandhu may have delivered one hell of an inswinger, but it was still Kapil’s cup. This is not meant to undermine Sachin, whom I am a huge fan of, but championships are still championships, and it ramisn a gap in the resume of one of the gamee’s true greats

          Yes … you are right.. this metric makes it tricky with test cricket, but ODI is now a major part of the game which provides a wide database. Also I was talking of contemparary players.. and hence not talking of test cricket or hockey in the bygone eras

          Also don’t tell me you have never heard this argument in US sports.. I am far from the first one to use this in a team sports

          • Cricket is a team game and chess ain’t. So, to penalize SRT in spite of all his accomplishments and serving the national team for so long just because the team he was in didn’t win a world cup is wrong, i think. His success is dependent on 10 other men. Yeah, he could single-handed score the runs but he needs the fielders and bowlers to come through as well.

  5. Anand has won…halfway through the game black win was certain….Topalov was hanging in for a mistake, but not today

  6. Get back Dravid,Tendulkar in the shorter formats of the game till our young Turks are able to take care of themselves!
    It’s ridiculous that we are seeing a repeat of the previous T20 , where we were bounced out of the tournament.
    It is now expected that even Bangladesh/Ireland/Afghanistan etc etc are going to bowl the short stuff at India.
    So lets have Dravid/Tendulkar in the T20 squad , and our young ,flamboyant,”future of Indian cricket” can learn from them.

  7. Suggest MSD open the innings with Gambhir and Yousuf Pathan, MSD, Raina, Rohit, Yuvraj, Dinesh Karthik, Harbhajan, Chawla, Zaheer and Nehra. YP can ‘try’ to play a la Sehwag innings at the top. Anyway, even if he gets out for single digits, it wont be a great loss 🙂

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