Little acts of sedition

There are two people I regularly read to stay updated on books and the larger theme of writing: Nilanjana Roy [blog / Twitter] and Sanjay Sipahimalani [blog / Twitter].

Nila is, for the time being, otherwise occupied and in no position to write for us, but today Sanjay debuted in the Yahoo Opinions space, with this lovely take on the novel as “a challenge to the status quo, an act of sedition that maps a revolution”.

Among other things, this essay perfectly articulates a vague thought I’ve often had, but never could quite render coherent:

When you get stuck as a writer it’s because you haven’t quite worked out how the passage you’re working on relates to the transformation that is your novel’s subject. When you get stuck as a reader, it’s because of the same reason.

Read in full. And while there, check out the other columnists who debuted while I was off on my travels: Anand Ramachandran, who sets out to save Indian culture; Nitin Pai, who channels Amitabh Bachchan as he seeks to demystify international relations; Mohit Satyanand on the need for a scapegoat, a column that seems even more apt today as TV stations take polls on whether captains of losing teams should get their heads chopped off…

In fact, with Sanjay’s debut column of today, all our ten columnists have finally come on board; next stop, an Opinions home page, RSS feeds for the whole body, and other improvements you guys have been asking for.


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  1. I hope this set of columns come together to become an independent mag some day. Something like the old “Gentleman” magazine…

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