Past forward

While rooting through my archives for information, I stumbled on this laugh-out-loud story involving, among others, Pataudi, Shastri and Gavaskar. Here — let me make your day with some ‘recommendations’.


4 thoughts on “Past forward

  1. Once Lalu yadav was the butt of all politico jokes,now it seems Ravi Shastri and SMG and falling over each other to have finger in every pie and still appear holier than though!

  2. “This was one of the most constructive meetings I have ever attended with the board,” one of the captains ……….aaltu-faltu cricketers come through to the highest level.”
    Has to be Gavaskar or Shastri aaltu-faltu is a tres Mumbai term.

  3. I was amazed by the below statement

    The Indian team must have a pool of 30 cricketers who should be rotated so that no player plays more than 80 days in a year.

    Any guesses why BCCI is promoting T20 and IPL to the core? It is all because of the above.

  4. IMO – It’s like one of those feel-good ideas that didn’t see light. Ravi Shastri and Gavaskar were more critical of BCCI then. But once they were roped into IPL as ambassadors (commentators, governing council), they have become, unfortunately for Indian cricket, yes-men!

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